Poetry and Prose

Carus Publishing

I had a couple of assignments in March from my long time children’s publication client. These were for their ‘teenage’ periodical, and all the artwork that appears in this fiction digest are in black and white. The first was a short story for which I supplied three illustrations, and concerned a rather plain, slightly plump girl who has a bittersweet relationship with a boy. I did all these in a modified cartoon style with a grey wash. Looking back at them, I am struck by how ‘light’ the color scheme is, and would probably do it a little darker today.

Also, for the same issue of the same publication, I was given an assignment to illustrate a two page spread for a poem. This would be in a different style, so I chose to do these in scratchboard. I used myself and my cello for the the above illustration, and the one below was a combination of reference materials. The hardest part of this illustration was doing the swirling musical notes.