Holiday Spots

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Newsday, Washington Post, WSJ

The above color spot illustration was for my national newspaper client and accompanied an article about the wild ride that a certain company’s stocks had over the course of the year. The piece to the left was probably about retirement ‘nest eggs’, although I don’t really remember exactly the angle of the story. A fun piece though, and the egg came out nice.

I also had another piece for the same client having something to do with the holiday shopping season (the melting snowman, pictured below)

Also, for the same client were a trio of ‘health care’ spots that I do every week for a regular column. The topics this month were; exercising for bone health, tooth coating, and quitting smoking for new years.

Another piece for the same client in December, was this ‘percent sign’ illustration below and to the right.

I had a few assignments from other semi-regular clients in December, including the ‘armed forces’ recruiting station picture below for an east coast newspaper client, a ‘snoozing dean’ for my educational publication client (also pictured below), and a fiction piece for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client (this one involved a notorious criminal that gets recognized at an old age home by a young television reporter).

I also landed an assignment from a new client this month, a large east coast newspaper that wanted a black and white editorial piece on ‘internet espionage’. A few other assignments came my way from the same client over the next several years, but they are far and few between.

Corporate Assignments

AG Edwards

A large national corporate client of mine has been handing me assignments since early in 2002, and I’ve been avoiding posting examples of most of the illustrations, due to the nature of the usage contract that we agreed upon. However, since five years have passed since these were commissioned, I’ll be posting this batch of illustrations. These were for an in-house advertising brochure on savings and investments, and most carried a nautical theme, with a few exceptions (like the tightrope walker above)

I don’t quite remember the text that went with these drawings, but I’m sure most of them were of the ‘planning your future’, ‘charting a course’ variety. At this time I hadn’t yet decided to take up sailing, but I had been doing a lot of reading on the subject, and it was definitely on my mind while planning out the concepts for these illustrations.