Moses and Assorted Comics

CRC, Newsday, US Catholic

Another batch of ‘bible stories’ came due this month, mostly concerning Moses in this batch of about 20 or so illustrations (a few examples included here). This was an ongoing 3-4 year project for a local religious organization’s school curriculum.

Below is another of the ‘cartoon’ style illustrations I was assigned in September. This one was for an east coast newspaper client of mine and concerned children who are overly pampered by their parents.

To the left is another ‘cartoon’ piece, for a catholic magazine, to accompany a story about a child and her ‘old world’ mother (or grandmother? I forget).

I also had a color scratchboard piece this month for the same east coast newspaper client. This one was a sort of caricature of New York’s governor Pataki and some ‘fix up projects’ that he and a few other ‘NY politicos’ were attempting. Not a very good likeness of Pataki. This guy always gives me trouble. I didn’t think I did a very good job on the bodies either. I’m never very comfortable with the old ‘big head little body’ style of caricature. It never quite looks natural to me. (and of course, the fact that the two less recognizable guys in the background need labels on their hats to identify them didn’t set well with me either)