2001 Year in Review

Year In Review

I don’t remember much about 2001 aside from (obviously) 9/11 (an event which would color the rest of the decade in many ways). A lot of the same clients, with the occasional break in the monotony (this year there was a big summer assignment for a golf event involving Gary Player), and increasing amounts of work from WSJ, Cobblestone and Instructional Fair.

My son would have been around 12 years old, and still played baseball in the spring, and soccer in the fall. I was involved in Little League in a minor capacity as assistant coach, and we may still have been taking ‘backpacking trips’ in the summer, before the discomfort of sleeping on the ground and hiking 20 miles a day got to be too much for my nearly 40 year old bones.

I’d been playing guitar since I got out of college, but never all that seriously, but it was around this time that I started getting the itch to take music a little more seriously (perhaps it was the fact that we had started Keenan on piano lessons). I purchased both an upright bass and a cello on ebay, and started taking cello lessons around this time, through which, I also started meeting other ‘adult music hobbyists’ which led to more interesting developments in later years.

Business-wise, this year was slightly down from the year before, but the years since I went digital continue to be a major improvement from the first seven years of freelancing. I did 1,189 illustrations in 2001 (about two hundred less than the previous year), bringing the grand total up to 8,554.

So, anyways, here are what I consider my best illustrations of the year for 2001: