Color Scratchboard Work

ChronicleHE, Oxendine, US Catholic, WSJ

Color Scratchboards this month weren’t quite so plentiful, and most of the small spot variety. The above illustration was for a catholic magazine, and no doubt had to do with the priest pedophile cases cropping up in the news.
I also had another illustration for a jesuit magazine, that had something to do with the law and justice (pictured below)

You would think that the illustration to the left would also be for one of the above clients, but in fact it was for my ‘college’ magazine (see the posting on ‘cartoon spots’ this month). A rare scratchboard assignment from this particular client, as I usually work in a lighter cartoon style, but they thought with the heavier subject matter, that the scratchboard might be the better way to go.

I also had a couple of small spots connected to two corners of the page by a long meandering computer cable (which I didn’t bother to include the whole layout here), for a magazine client. This involved online medical advice sites, which were just now becoming popular.
I’m not certain, but I think this mountain climber may have been for the same assignment, although it doesn’t seem to fit the whole ‘medical angle’.

Below is a long horizontal illustration for an educational publication that dealt with how colleges are looking past the usual SAT scores in judging admissions.