2000 Year in Review

Year In Review

One of my busiest years, but oddly enough not my most prosperous. The Wall Street Journal started giving me a lot of work this year, but wouldn’t hit their high water mark for a couple years. A lot of work for Instructional Fair, and for a couple other children’s educational publishers, like Brown Publishing and Adventure House. Prior to this point in my career, I was pretty open to whatever work came down the pike (drawing the line at work for ‘spec’ or ‘exposure’ or ‘tear sheets in lieu of payment’), but in later years I would begin getting a bit more picky in regards to minimum payment for contracted work, which unfortunately, left a few of my older clients by the wayside.

I don’t remember much else about this year other than the fizzle of the ridiculous Y2K scare on the first day of the year, because of how very busy I was with the heavy workload. I don’t think we took a vacation this year, as it was rather hard to get away from the office. What amazed me about looking back through this years’ work, was how much of a percentage of my work was my ‘cartoon style’ and how the ‘scratchboard style’ was still in its infancy in many ways, despite over ten years of experience at it.

Illustration tally for 2000 was about 1,376 illustrations (300 fewer than the previous year, but salary was up by almost 45%, so I must’ve been doing something right), bringing the 11 year total up to 7,365. Anyhow, these are what I consider to be my strongest illustrations of 2000: