Scratchboards in December

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Newsday, WSJ

Most of the black and white scratchboards this month were for the same national newspaper client. I’d been working for this client for about a year at this point, and enjoying the frequent assignments.

The illustration above seemed to comment on the rocky financial road we’ve been travelling on all year, and the illustration to the left seems to portend better times ahead (that is, if our ‘car’ holds out till the new year). The two illustrations below don’t quite seem as promising. A ‘bull’ topiary being reshaped into a bear, and below that, a number of tiny investors are hunkering down as if preparing for the worst.

There was also a piece on the Japanese economy this month (pictured right), and a piece on computer stock (pictured below).

Below that is another fiction piece for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client. Nearly a full year of working for this client in 2000, after a long dry spell from before my ‘digital’ changeover.

And on the color scratchboards, there were only two this month, a piece for my educational publication client, and a piece on the coming new year from my east coast newspaper client. (I seem to be going a little nutty on the background pattern on that ‘odometer’ illustration)