BW Scratchboards

AHMM, America, ChronicleHE, WSJ

The usual mess of black and white scratchboard illustrations this month for my national newspaper client, plus a few assignments from other sources. The ‘mudslide’ illustration above was for a piece on California real estate, and the ‘snail’ to the left was for a story about the slow progress being made in hooking up the country to ‘high speed digital access’.

The illustration to the right was one of those that I barely remember doing, and couldn’t tell you why there is a broken computer in the desert with an odd looking bird peeking into it’s smashed screen (or why there is a bird skull in the sand).

For the same client, I had another ‘stock ticker’ image, with the democratic donkey and republican elephant looking on. Presumably about the upcoming elections.

Below is a computer illustration for the same client, something to do with online books, I’m guessing.

Below that is another fiction piece for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client. This one had something to do with rival archaologists, or curators, or something. Or maybe it was a murder done with a paleolithic tool, I forget.

I had an unusual assignment this month from a new client, where I was asked to do a scratchboard portrait for some in house advertising, based off of a photo provided to me.

The illustration below, was for an educational publication in October, and had something to do with network data streams. One of the few times where incorporating text into the illustration actually ‘works’.

And finally, an illustration below that for a jesuit magazine regarding the hard time the Catholic church is having lately filling ‘priest positions’ with new recruits.