Life Drawing Class

Figure Studies, personal

Somewhere around the fall of either ’00 or ’01 or ’02 I took another life drawing class in the evenings at the local community college. Not particularly looking for a grade, but as a way of getting some studio time with a model, and to practice up my pencil and figure study skills. I’ve taken these from time to time over the past 20 years, and have generally had pretty good luck with the class and gotten some nice drawings out of them. This particular class was heavy on students, but the teacher seemed to have a hard time keeping models employed, and frequently we ended up drawing one or another of the students when models would fail to show up.

My memory isn’t as good as it once was, and I’m not sure which drawings went with which particular class, but I think these samples were from this time period.

These two facial studies were from one of those ‘student model’ sessions. We each paired off and drew each other, and while they are both nice facial drawings, I remember being particularly frustrated in this one instance because I wasn’t getting a very good ‘likeness’, and I usually have a facility for this particular skill.

I seem to have gotten a lot of nice gesture drawings out of this particular semester’s work (that is, when we had a model to work from). Below is another of our ‘student model’ sessions with an older gentleman who I got a particularly nice drawing from.