Black and White

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Uncle Goose Toys, WSJ

The illustration to the left was for my national newspaper client. I don’t quite remember the story behind this one, but it doesn’t look like good news at any rate.

The spot to the right was for the same client this month, this one no doubt having to do with ‘penny stocks’, or taking small risks.

I also had another fiction illustration this month for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client. This one was a little different from the norm, with a setting in a vague ‘middle ages’ time frame concerning a band of travelling gypsies. Around this time, most of the illustrations for this client had to share the page with the title and author of the story, so frequently space has to be alloted for text, either white space or black with type reversed out.

Below that, I had a small spots for an educational publication. I don’t remember much about either piece, other than the ‘Gladiator’ movie was rather popular at the time, and the story seemed to be concerning it in some fashion, and the one below that was something about ‘bad book reviews’.

In addition to all the black and white scratchboard work this month, I also had a series of small cartoon spots for a local wooden toy manufacturer, these to be used for a promotional brochure for their product line. I’ve only chosen one of the five spots for this posting, the rest can be found in the ‘children’ archives (they’re all quite similar).