April Black and White Pieces

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

I had the usual smattering of black and white scratchboard illustrations this month. The one to the left was for a national newspaper client, as were the ‘bull and bear’ bookend illustrations pictured below. I had only started working for this client about 5 months prior, and these three were some of the best of these early assignments.

The illustration to the right was one of two that I had this month for my educational publication client. I don’t quite remember the story behind either of them. Perhaps the ‘giant door’ illustration had something to do with submitting manuscripts, and the one below with the teen attached to the ‘dot com’ shackle was perhaps about online plagerism.

I also had a couple of assignments from a new east coast newspaper/magazine client this month. One is pictured in another posting this month (‘Seder’), and the other one was the illustration pictured below to the right featuring a David/Goliath matchup, somehow involving computers. I wasn’t crazy about how this one turned out. An unfortunate situation to fall into with a first couple of assignments from a new client.

I also had another fiction piece for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client. This was the second assignment from them since making the switch from traditional to digital illustration (I had been on a couple year haiatus from this client as they underwent various changes in staff and working structure). This story involved sunken treasure and witchcraft in some form or another. This smaller size was also reminiscent of most of the assignments I had been doing for this client in previous years. Later, the usual size would be increased to a full page (but fewer illustrations per issue).

I had a couple of related black and white spots this month for an east coast legal newspaper. These were involving the ‘gays in the boy scouts’ court case that was in the news at the time. One of them was an illustration for one side of the argument and the other one depicted the opposing view. (pictured below)

Below that, was another assignment for the same client this month. This one was about ‘spanking’, and I’m not all that crazy with how this one turned out. If that is supposed to be a likeness of Judge Rhenquist, then it is a mighty poor one.