2 Book Projects

Instructional Fair

For the same local children’s publisher for which I did ‘Imagine That’ (samples of which are found in another posting for this month), I had a pair of workbook projects that each contained about 300 black and white spot illustrations. A sampling of some of the more involved illustrations are pictured here in this post. They were both ‘fun and activities’ books, the first of which was geared towards kindergarten age children, and the second of which was geared towards first graders.

Compared to the labored color illustrations for the other book project this month, I seem to be having a lot more fun with these drawings. (I just got a chuckle out of noticing the titles on the film cans that the librarian is dropping in the lower left corner of the above illustration) Funny how I barely remember doing most of these, which isn’t really surprising considering how many of them I must’ve churned out in a short period of time.

The top illustration seems to be of the ‘find things wrong in this picture’ variety, the second one seems to be about ‘things making noise in a library’, the third one seems to just be a scene at a grocery store, and the one above looks like it had something to do with ‘outdoor things that shouldn’t be in the house’ (personally, I’m not sure I have that much of a problem with the ‘log footrest’). The illustration below seemed to be just a ‘pet shop’ scene, and the one at the bottom seemed to be something about opposites (heavy/light, fat/thin, old/young, etc).

I love the fact that I was able to hide little subversive details into these crowded illustrations (like the pet store owner swatting the fly, or the cat reading the paper on the cover of the kitty litter bag). I had a wonderful art director working with me on most of these projects, and her infectious laughter at my cartoons was always a big boost to my ego whenever I’d bring in sketches or finishes for her to approve.