Black and White Scratchboards

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

I had a couple of ‘sailing ship’ illustrations this month for my east coast legal newspaper client. These concerned the legal battles that Bill Gates was facing at the time, and the two illustrations were meant to spread across the bottom of two pages (with the gutter between them). I always enjoyed drawing these old sailing vessels, even years before I contemplated becoming a sailor myself. Something about the way they take so well to this scratchboard style, it seems you can’t go wrong with this topic.

For the same client this month, I had an early likeness of Rudy Guiliani (not a very good one, I might add). Someone who was rather obscure and on the political sidelines at this time, but would be thrust into the limelight in later years thanks to being in the right place at the right time.

For another east coast newspaper client this month, I had a rather unusual scratchboard assignment. I was asked to draw a rather large view of a neighborhood. My favorite, lots of buildings and cars, and for frosting on the cake, some hand lettering here and there. The drawing has to be reduced down so far to fit in this blog, that I’m afraid it doesn’t look like much, and it also had a strange shape, as it had to make room for text blocks in the upper left and lower right corners. (original size was somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 inches across – much larger than I was comfortable working at that time).

To the left was another assignment for the same client. This one started out as a much more vertical layout, but then after the sketch was okayed, the size and shape changed, so it had to be squeezed into a more square format. I thought I could get away with just distorting the sketch, but it certainly shows.

The unusual illustration to the right was another for the same client this month. This one having to do with the evolution of music, and where the first ‘musical instruments’ may have come from.

Below are a few assignments this month for my educational publication client. This first one was rather strange and went with an article talking about ‘unusual intern experiences’.

I also had a few ‘computer related’ images for the same client this month. I’m not sure if they were for the same article, or just happened to be on similar topics at different times during the month. I liked the concept of the illustration to the left a little better, due to the ‘dollar sign’ that I managed to squeeze in among the twisted computer cords. The illustration below had a little weaker concept, but I did a fairly good job of keeping it simple and uncluttered despite the possibilities that it could have gotten out of hand.

The previous month, I had received my first two assignments for a new national newspaper client, and I was pleased to get another assignment this month, to prove to myself that it wasn’t going to be another of those ‘flash in the pan’, ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ clients. I wasn’t quite convinced that this would be a regular thing yet, and wouldn’t get comfortable with the idea that this was a steady thing for a few more months yet. This illustration to the right was the third assignment from this particular publication.

Color Scratchings

ChronicleHE, Newsday

The color scratchboard assignments this month weren’t a particularly interesting lot. The above illustration was for my educational publication client, and I don’t quite remember the background story behind it.
The three illustrations below were for my east coast newspaper client in November. The ‘menu’ illustration was a cover for a special real estate section, the ‘prayer’ illustration was for a ‘lifestyle’ section story (again, I don’t quite remember the story behind it), and the illustration at the bottom was another cover illustration for the business section (which I don’t remember the topic of either).