Cartoons in July

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Consumer Reports, Gemini Publications, Interpreter

The above cartoon was for a new client in July, an east coast magazine, and concerned the ‘health care burden’ weighing down the U.S. citizenry. A bit time consuming, but I usually like the challenge of trying to fit in a lot of elements into an illustration.

The ‘church spots’ to the left and below were all for a midwest evangelical publication. The ‘checkup’ illustration was a bit larger than the rest, but I’ve made them all the same size here for this posting.

I also had a caricature this month for the newsletter of a local christian musician. I had done another one for a previous issue, and also had done some artwork for a cd cover for this same client. I wasn’t crazy about how this one turned out. I’m never very comfortable working in this extreme ‘big head’ style of caricature. It seems cliched and goofy to me, and always feels very awkward while I’m working on it.

Below is a ‘puzzle illustration’ that I did this month for one of my children’s magazine clients. This one probably had a series of garbled communications going into the ‘speech balloons’ that the reader is supposed to decifer.

The above illustration was another ‘pueblo’ drawing for the same issue of a children’s magazine that featured some other illustrations pictured in other postings this month. They were all done in different styles since they would appear in various places throughout the magazine and they didn’t want it to look like they used the same illustrator for all the assignments.

To the right and below are a few cartoons for a local regional magazine (I believe my wife was still working at this publication around this time). I was regularly contributing to a humor column in the ‘city magazine’ and assorted columns in the same company’s ‘parenting’ magazine.

Above is another ‘puzzle page’ illustration for the same children’s magazine as the ‘phone conversation’ puzzle. This one you were supposed to figure out who the folders belonged to based on clues pasted to each. I’ll be darned if I can remember the answers to any of them.