1998 Year in Review

Year In Review

This was the first full year since I made the switch to digital illustration in the fall of ’97. I found myself doing a lot of experimenting with different mediums this year when I was given the opportunity, and at the same time improving my skills at methods and styles that I considered my ‘bread and butter’. However, I still had a lot to learn, and a lot of the work this year is hit or miss, and even after being in this business almost ten years at this point, there was still considerable room for improvement in many areas.

Business took a marked upturn after I started marketing the ‘digital’ illustration more heavily, and clients began discovering the benefits of having artwork sent directly to their email addresses and eliminating the need for artwork scanning. New clients this year were a local publisher Instructional Fair (later Carson-Dellosa) who kept me very busy for the next 5 years or so, a company from California called ‘Innovision’ who gave me a monthly gig for a year or so, and a marked increase in assignments from Cobblestone Publishing’s family of publications.

My son was 8-9 years old this year, my wife and I had been married 15 years, and family interests and hobbies around this time consisted of backpacking, baseball games and fishing up at my Dad’s summer cottage.

I did approximately 824 illustrations in 1998 (nearly doubling 97’s output), bringing my nine year total to 4,333.

Anyhow, these are what I consider the best illustrations of 1998.