October Color Scratchboards

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday, Recorder

The illustration above and below were for National Business Employment Weekly. The illustration above was for the cover, and had the added distinction of being picked up as a sample illustration to be used in the ‘Artist’s Market’ book for the following year with a brief bio of myself and story about how the assignment came to me. When I first started out, I used this reference book quite a bit for finding clients, though I use it to a much lesser extent these days.

It’s funny sometimes to see how similar topics pop up together from two different clients in the same month. I had two ‘cannon’ illustrations this month. The larger ‘corporate wars’ illustration above was for The Recorder, and the small spot to the left was for Cobblestone, about the Civil War. I think I prefer the smaller spot. Around this time, and for many years afterwards, I was still quite intimidated by a full page illustration assignment. I tended to concentrate on details and miss out on the big picture. The scratchboard tends to look way too busy and muddy on the larger scale. In later years I learned a few tricks to help make the larger ones more successful, like increasing my line width, using large areas of black or white a bit more judiciously, and trying to see the picture as a whole instead of concentrating on individual bits and pieces in the composition.

The illustration below was another full page assignment from the Recorder.

The above illustration was for Newsday. Something to do with the home health care industry.

October Cover Painting


Above is a magazine cover I did in October for the Christian Reformed Church. I don’t remember the story behind this one. I remember having fun experimenting with a different technique than I usually do. Not entirely a success, but it was fun to loosen up and just play.