Football Season


It is amazing how few illustrations have survived from 1996. Not only do I not recognize a lot of the job descriptions in the invoices I’ve looked over for this year, but I also find it hard to remember some of the clients (and in some cases, clients that I did multiple jobs for). Whole book projects with numerous illustrations I’ve completely forgotten even doing. It’s hell getting old. Wish I’d kept better records in that first ten years, but to tell the truth, I’d probably have been horrified to see the quality of my work in those years, especially considering the ones that I saved as the ‘best’ and ‘worth hanging on to’. In a lot of cases, though, I also probably just didn’t get my artwork returned from the clients, which probably contributes to my not remembering the projects.

Anyway, this illustration above was for Newsday, and had something to do with Columbia Football (according to the invoice).

BW Brochure

Self Promotion

The records for my promotional brochures is quite spotty, so I have to rely on visual clues to tell when some of them were probably sent out. Judging from the artwork used on this one, and the fact that it boasts a ‘web site’, I’d have to guess that this one was probably sent out sometime in late ’96. (I wonder what I was posting on my ‘website’ at this time? perhaps I was scanning artwork and posting a few samples along with my phone number and address…). This one was a two sided folded brochure, and we used a bulk mailing number to pay for postage (this was a brief flirtation with ‘bulk mail’, which ended up being more trouble than it was worth).