A Blast from the Past (… and the future)


This illustration had an interesting journey. I was contracted with the job in ’95, and as usual with color illustrations for this client, I packed it away in a fed x envelope and shipped it off to NY (this was for Newsday). Promptly forgot about the job, as I usually do. Then 3 or 4 years later I get a call from an illustrator in NY who wants to tell me that he found an illustration of mine in his flat file and wants to know if I want it returned. Apparently it got credited and returned to the wrong illustrator years ago, and he only now discovered this illustration and found my name and phone number on the back. We had a short pleasant conversation about the business, he complimented me on my style and asked what I was up to these days. When I mentioned that I had switched over to using a computer to do my illustrations, he reacted as if I said that I liked to roast babies on a spit and the conversation quickly ended. The art arrived a few days later, and I had my usual reaction to ‘long lost’ art that I haven’t laid eyes on in years; a mix of wonder and awe, amusement and horror. I honestly didn’t remember doing this one, as is usually the case with art that isn’t returned and doesn’t hang around to remind me of its existence. I wonder how many more are floating around out there? My horrible little bastard orphans, lurking in forgotten drawers, moldy with age.