1994 Year in Review

Year In Review

I had one of my biggest ‘textbook’ assignments in the summer, that required that I fly out to the publisher’s offices for a ‘consult’ (they did it again the following year, but this has never happened again since). In looking over my invoices, I also had a few large projects that have simply disappeared because the artwork was never returned (and I barely even remember working on them). Started picking up a smattering of national advertising clients, including Ball Advertising out of Pennsylvania as well as more ‘children’s publication’ clients and ‘religious publication’ clients (who seemed to be my ‘bread and butter’ clients during the mid-90s).

My son would have been 4-5 years old this year, probably just starting preschool or kindergarten. My wife still working for my former employer (although starting to look elsewhere, thinking that she’d like to go to part time and to be home and more active in my son’s school activities)

1994 was the ‘high water mark’ of my ‘traditional media’ years, where I completed approximately 751 illustrations, bringing the total since 1989 to 2,256 illustrations.

Kind of hard to pick ‘the best’ from this year, as so little has survived. Anyhow, these are what I consider ‘the best’ works I did in ’94: