Parables From Nature


This was the first full length children’s book project I ever did. This was a short paperback book of bible stories for Eerdmans Publishing, a local firm. The cover had two color illustrations, one for the front, and one for the back, and the inside work was all black and white line work with grey wash. I believe this was (like the other project I worked on the following year) an updated version of an older title in this publisher’s archives. Most of the drawings were pretty forgettable, but a few of them had a certain charm, and I’ve chosen a few by way of example to post here. This book is still available used on Amazon, although it is rather pricey (link here)

Work was starting to get a little more steady by the end of the year, many of the new clients I had started working with this year were starting to give me a fair amount of repeat business, and with one or two new clients added to the mix every couple of months, it had a nice snowball effect.