Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (and complete checklist)


One of the first national magazine clients to contact me with work in my first year of business, was Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. They would continue to use me off and on for the next 25 plus years, usually half page to full page black and white scratchboard illustrations. This illustration above isn’t the very first one I did for them, but probably dates somewhere around ’91 or ’92. I remember the first one, even though the art no longer survives, it was for a murder mystery that involved an ice fishing shanty, and it was a picture of a frozen lake with a single shanty sitting on the ice.

For a while I was dutifully saving every issue I appeared in, until the books and samples started crowding me out of the office. Most of the early originals have been lost, but I did manage to find this one that escaped the last purge.

In the years prior to going digital, according to my records, I appeared in ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine’ 40 times from January of 1990¬†through July of 1997, of which, very few illustrations have survived (or even copies of the magazines they appeared in). Here’s a list of the stories and dates, and if anyone should happen to stumble upon this list, and happens to have a copy of the particular issue in question, I’d love to see them (contact me:

Illustrations invoiced in 1989:
6 illustrations including one titled “Ice Shanty” (either the name of the story or just a description of the artwork)
All of the other illustrations from this year may have appeared in late 1989 or early 1990, and I have no records of titles, authors or publication date.

Illustrations invoiced in 1990:
4 illustrations with no names, dates, author indicated on the invoice as well as the following 6 stories:
“The Return of the Matchbook Detective”
“Dreams of Death”
“Front Window”
“A Little More Research”
“Medusa in Mourning”
“Fantasies in the Park”

Illustrations invoiced in 1991:
8 illustrations with no names, dates, author indicated on the invoice

Illustrations invoiced in 1992:
4 illustrations with no names, dates, author indicated on the invoice

Illustrations invoiced in 1993: (one illustration this year, with the title below)
“User Unfriendly” (possibly the illustration pictured above)

Illustrations invoiced in 1994: (two illustrations this year, with the titles below)
“For Sale Cheap” for the July 1994 Issue
“Medium Rare”

Illustrations invoiced in 1995: (three illustrations this year, with the titles below)
“One Toke Over the Line” for the October 1995 issue
“Murder is My Specialty” for the February 1996 issue
“Interrogation” for the April 1996 issue

Illustrations invoiced in 1996: (two illustrations, with the titles below)
“Sing and Sing Aloud” for the May 1996 issue
“Their Silly Little Hands” for the May 1996 issue

Illustrations invoiced in 1997:
“Blowback” for the May 1997 issue
“Neither Rhyme nor Riot”
“A Game of Hangman” for the September 1997 issue
“Montezuma’s Castle” (I have the artwork for this one, which I have linked to the blog post)
“Exceptions” for the November 1997 issue (I believe I have the artwork for this one, but I could be wrong about which illustration in 1997 it was for, which I have linked to the blog post)

The rest of the illustrations (which, as of January of 2014, is 79 assignments, bringing the grand total up to approximately 119 illustrations I’ve done for them since 1989) can be found by clicking on the links provided, and the titles for those are (and I’d love to get ahold of back issues in which these appeared, from 2000-2004):

6 in 2000:
“Cut and Dried” by William Hallstead
“The Witches of Westfleet” by DA McGuire
“Runaways Traced” by SL Franklin
“An Act of God”
“So We’ll Go No More A Roving” by Michelle Knowlden
“Blood, Snow and Classic Cars” by Joseph Hansen

2 in 2001:
“Kinsella’s Saloon” by Gregory Fallis
“God Sees the Truth, But Waits” by Tolstoy

4 in 2002:
“Sticks on the Prowl” by June Levine
“The Ring in the Sand” by Eleanor Brower
“Bringing in the Blossoms” by Dan Crawford
“A Slew of Slayers” by John Dirckx

5 in 2003:
“More Deadly to Give”
“The Void”
“Height Advantage”
“A Period of Adjustment”
“The House on Back Street”

4 in 2004:
“Paying for Rain”
“The Gift Horse”
“Burden of Pity” by Ann Woodward
“A Matter of Policy”

8 in 2005:
“A Method to Her Madness” by Tom Savage
“The Wall”
“Journey to Oblivion”
“Remember Me”
“Yellow Leaves”
“Too Much Dickens”
“Mongol Mash”
“Sleeping with the Plush”

8 in 2006:
“It Could Be Murder” by Percy Spurlark Parker
“The Heart Has Reasons”
“Counting Coup”
“Humbug” by Steve Hockensmith
(Christmas Card Artwork for Dell Publishing)
“Marley’s Package”
“Return of Jasper Kohl”

7 in 2007:
“More Dead Than Alive”
“German Johnson and the Lost Horizon”
“The Guardians”
“Too Cold a Trail”
“Killing Time” by Rhys Bowen
“The Voice at the Barbican Gate” by Eric Rutter
“Red Herring House” by James Powell

7 in 2008:
“Death at Kerameikos”
“Mind Game”
“Feat of Clay” by Donald Moffitt
“No. 40 Basin Street”
“The Icicle Judgement” by Mike Culpepper (?)
“Pandora’s Mistake”
“Shanks Gets Killed”

6 in 2009:
“Silicon Valley Tango” by Diana Deverell
“Real Men Die”
“The Necklace of Glass” by Mike Culpepper (?)
“The TrollFarm Killing” by Mike Culpepper
“Requiem for Antlers” by Rich Alderman
“True Test” by BK Stevens

5 in 2010:
(for Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Magazine) 2 planet maps
“Who Murdered Mama?” by Robert S. Levinson
“Shell Game” by Neil Schofield
“The Berzerk Feud” by Mike Culpepper
“The Witch-Couple” by Mike Culpepper

4 in 2011:
“Blue Amber” by William Burton McCormick
“Last Call” by Wayne J Gardiner (published Jan/Feb 2012)
“O’Nelligan and the Lost Fates” by Michael Nethercott (published March 2012)
“Mr. Crockett and the Bear” by Evan Lewis (published May 2012)

3 in 2012:
“The Last Supper”by Jane K. Cleland (published June 2012)
“The Dead Man’s Daughter”by Philip DePoy (published April 2013)
“Big Watts” by Doc Finch (published September 2012)

7 in 2013:
“Hitting the Breaks” by Gina Paoli (published June 2013)
“Stimulus Money” by Dan Warthman (published July/August 2013)
“Two Men, One Gun”
“The Queen of Yongju-Gol” by Martin Limon (published November 2013)
“The Psychic Investigator” by Janice Law (published December 2013)
“The Curious Case of Rabbit and the Temple Goddess” by Leah R. Cutter (published January/February 2014)
“Sitting Ducks”

4 in 2014
“Tin Cop” (Dec 2014)
“Red Alert” (Nov 2014)
“We Don’t Trust the Night”
“Man Buries Man”

6 in 2015
“Ross MacDonald’s Grave”
“Shooting at Firemen” (July August 2015)
“Her Father’s Daughter” (June 2015)
“The Color of Gold” (March 2015)
“18&1/2 Minute Gap”

7 in 2016
“Beks and the Second Note” (Dec 2016)
“Death at the Althing” (2016 month?)
“The Great Aul” (2016 month?)
“Death of a Feminist” (2016 month?)
“Empty Space” (May 2016)
“We Walk on Top of Guns” (April 2016)
“Smothered Mate” (2016 month?)

3 in 2017
“A Respectable Lady” (July Aug 2017)
“The Kubelsky Block” (June 2017?)
“Electric Boogaloo”

1 in 2018
“High Explosives” (March April 2018)

(Last updated in March of 2018) A total of 138 issues I have appeared in.

Early Postcard

Self Promotion

In my first year in business, I had a lot of time on my hands, and spent as much as possible on self promotion. I sent out a lot of black and white postcards this year, researching all the names myself using reference books and pulling names and addresses out of mastheads at the library, and then hand typing and printing labels and licking a lot of stamps. These two went out in October of this first year and according to notes scribbled on the back, I sent out 350 of the cartoon image above, and 500 of the caricature postcard pictured below.