My Life in Pictures Part Six

Early Influences

After my last posting regarding the influence movie posters have had on my artistic mindset, I kept running across more and more posters that I wished I had included. There have been more than a few nice illustrated posters from the 80s and 90s, but for some reason, the ones from the 70s really got stuck in my head. I didn’t even see most of these movies, and barely remember the ones that I did see, but the poster images burrowed their way into my brain and have made a home there.

Some posters I discovered later were done by illustrators whose work I’d become more familiar with later in life, like the wonderful Frazetta poster for ‘The Gauntlet’ (above), and even a few by my Mad Magazine heroes, Mort Drucker and Jack Davis (pictured below – ‘American Grafitti’ and ‘Bad News Bears’ respectively). Most of the posters were ultimately more interesting than the movie they were advertising, such as the forgettable ‘Neptune Factor’ poster pictured above, or a few of the ‘creature feature’ posters pictured further down the page (‘Tentacles’ and ‘Phase IV’).

There were several posters that I discarded from this particular collection, ones that I thought were visually striking and iconic, but not particularly interesting from an illustration point of view (‘Chinatown’ and ‘Clockwork Orange’ come to mind), and I didn’t bother to include the original ‘Star Wars’ poster, even though it is both a nice illustration and a striking example of movie advertising, mostly because it is just so familiar that I’m sick of looking at it.

To be continued.