Checking In…


Haven’t posted for a while. Been busy with a few book projects that will have to remain under wraps for the time being, but I’ll share them in the future. Finished up a couple magazine/newspaper projects over the past week, the one above was finished up today, and was for Litigation Magazine for the ABA, and the one below was one I did last week for the Wall Street Journal. Both with a lot more text than I’m used to dealing with. (I still have nightmares about my old ‘typesetting days’ back in the eighties, and having jobs fall apart because of the stray typo)

Into December


Started work this week on sketches for a new Young Readers book, and also did the above (right) illustration for the WSJ and the above (left) illustration below for the ABA. (click on each to see a larger version)

August Holding Pattern

ABA, AHMM, ChronicleHE

Been a slow August so far, in a holding pattern between the sketch stage and finish stage of one book project, awaiting approvals, and waiting for the start of another book project. Meanwhile, the band has had a slow month, with various band mates on vacation, and the weather has been chilly and fall-like (very unusual for August in Michigan, which is usually muggy and oppressively hot), which hasn’t been ideal for sailing. Anyhow, doing a lot of thumb twiddling, it feels like.

I did have a rather fun assignment for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, which I finished up this morning. The story involved Richard Nixon and some speculation regarding the missing 18 minutes. I’ve always loved drawing Nixon, since I was about 12 years old and fascinated with the Watergate scandal, and it was a nice trip down memory lane.

Below are a few assignments for the ABA that I did last week.

Mid May Roundup

ABA, Barrons, US Catholic

Most of what I’ve been working on over the past three weeks have been for upcoming book projects that I can’t share here due to contractual reasons. I’ve finished up one of the three books, and I’m nearing the finish on the second of the three, and just starting work on the finishes for the third book. I’m hoping to have all that publishing work wrapped up by the 2nd week of June. In the meantime, a few other pieces to show that have squeezed in the margins. Above is a piece on the Japanese economy for Barrons that I did this afternoon, and below are a few pieces for the American Bar Association that I did earlier this week. At the bottom is an illustration for US Catholic I did last week (or the week before, I forget).

Snow, snow and more snow…


Ok, when I’m not shoveling snow out of the driveway (went out and did it 4 times yesterday, just trying to keep up with the latest blizzard, and I’ll probably be going out and tackling it again in a few moments), or working on sketches for a couple of upcoming books, I’ve managed to get a few jobs done this past week, that I can share with you. Above is one I did for the American Bar Association last weekend, and below is a piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine that I finished this morning.