Salem Witch Trials


An illustration I did this morning for the American Bar Association. Been doing work for this client since 1995, and their jobs always keep me on my toes with their wide range of possible subject matter.

Back to Work


After a month hiking in the John Muir Wilderness in California, I’m back at the drawing board and catching up with work. Above is a scene from our adventures (with my brother in law John in the foreground), this was along the Pacific Crest Trail around day 6 of our hike, heading for our first hotel reservation and resupply stop. It was a wonderful time and I’m already missing the scenery (but not the mosquitos).

Below is an illustration I did this week for the American Bar Association. Both of my ‘book projects’ are temporarily in a holding pattern, and I’m clearing the late August calendar early in anticipation of a coming busy period.

Litigation Reprint Issue


mirandawebAs promised, here’s the rest of the project for the ABA for their special Reprint issue of Litigation Magazine (along with the ‘Dogs in Court’ illustration from the previous post). This was a fun one, with a wide variety of subjects and scenarios, and all tied together with a scratchboard style and sepia spot colors just to keep things interesting. I was also given the chance to do the cover for the same issue (pictured at the very bottom with a bit more color added).










Going to the Dogs



Posted above is one of several illustrations I’m doing for the American Bar Association for a special issue of Litigation Magazine. I’ll be posting the rest of the illustrations for this project next week, but I just finished this one up this morning, and besides being a lot of fun, I was pretty tickled with how it turned out. Had a pretty slow March, but this client came to the rescue with the perfect assignment for the available time frame, and pretty much saved my bacon this┬ámonth (so a big thanks to Jill at ABA!). I’m still in a holding pattern on the upcoming Dan Rather Graphic Novel, but I’ve been assured by the publisher that work will begin at the start of April.


Early November Assignments

ABA, personal, rough sketches



November has started out rather slowly. I had cleared this month deliberately, in order to make room for a large project that I was expecting to start on by this time. Still in a holding pattern at this time (but I am assured that the project is still forthcoming, so stay tuned), and in the meantime, I am taking on whatever work is coming my way for the short term. Above is the finished piece for the American Bar Association’s publication “Litigation” (rough sketch was shared in the previous post), and below is an illustration that I did for a friend’s CD cover (almost ten years ago, we had appeared together in a local theater production of “Woody Guthrie’s American Song”).


Below is a sketch for a possible magazine illustration for a former client who is now working for ‘The Common Reader’, a publication of Washington University-St. Louis (the story seems to be about a craft item purchased at a prison). In the meantime, I’m enjoying the slow pace of the last few weeks, and getting a lot of reading done. Hopefully things pick up soon.