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In October of 2007 I began this blog as a new method of self promotion, and as a way of sharing new work as it crossed my desk. My first blog post was inspired by an exciting cover assignment for LA Weekly, and I began methodically chronicling the ups and downs of this occupation on a regular basis.

Soon afterwards, I realized that I could also ‘backdate’ blog entries, and I figured that I could eventually display my entire work history, going back to when I first started working freelance in 1989, and beyond. Since going digital in 1997, I had each and every piece of art I’ve ever done in my archives, and using my invoice file as reference I was able to recreate fairly accurately the previous decade of work. Prior to 1997, the records get a bit more spotty, and much of the artwork has been lost, but I managed to dig up some interesting samples and stories from the first ten years.

In 2014, I reworked my website using a new platform, and this new platform included a ‘blog’ feature, with improved bells and whistles, so I decided to move the existing blog over here to integrate directly with my website. It has taken four years, but I’ve managed to finally get all the files transferred.

Soon I’ll be putting together a navigation tool to make browsing the ‘early years’ a bit easier, and I may also be featuring a ‘throwback thursday’ from time to time to share some of the older posts. I’m also thinking of compiling several indexes of ‘like minded’ illustrations for the reprint market.

Next year I’ll be celebrating thirty years in this business, and I’ll hopefully still be around to chronicle the next decade.

Also, I must apologize for disabling the ‘comments’ option for these blog entries. I just keep getting so much spam, that it becomes a full time job managing it. If you wish to comment on anything here, feel free to drop me an email.

Better Late than Never

Miami Herald, Self Promotion



It is not often I get to blow my own horn with regard to awards, but I just discovered today that one of my illustrations made it into a “Best of News Design 31st Edition” for an assignment for Paul Cheung at the Miami Herald. Unfortunately, the news comes to me a little late, as I only discovered it on a google search, and this took place ten years ago in 2008. Anyhow, I always had a soft spot in my heart for that ‘wrestling bear and bull’ picture, and was glad to see it do well.

Oh, and while I’m tooting my own horn here, I thought I’d share the news that one of the books I’ve illustrated for Penguin has been nominated for a book award in Illinois (The “Bluestem Award”). The list is pictured below:


Krampus design for 2017

Self Promotion

KrampusColor2017webuseThis year’s Holiday greeting card. I’ve been doing ‘Krampus’ greeting cards for the past 6 years and most of the designs are available on various bits of merchandise in my Zazzle store, and some of the designs have been picked up by a distributor out west who has been placing them on other bits of merchandise (lunch boxes, magnets, cups, etc). I try to experiment with different styles each year as a way of keeping myself fresh.


Return to The i Spot

Self Promotion

After being away for a few years, I’ve decided to return to to bolster my online advertising. I was one of their early subscribers back when the service first became available, and I was probably with them for almost ten years, before dropping my subscription during the economic downturn.

I’ve just finished uploading 60 illustration samples, and I must say, I’ve been enjoying their improvements to the site, so far. Uploading samples has been greatly streamlined, as well as management of keywords and search terms. My plan is to change out the samples on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on free time available) so as to keep the variety fresh, and perhaps tightly focus on particular styles and subject matter on each ‘changeover’.

Directory of Illustration 33

Self Promotion

Well, the big advertising experiment of 2016-2017 is about to begin. I received my copy of the Directory of Illustration 33 in the mail yesterday, and my page looks about as I expected. The actual art buyers won’t be receiving their copies until January of 2017 (about two months away), so I am still reserving judgement on the effectiveness of this method of advertising. I received an email from last month, and I am seriously thinking of going back to them in the coming year, but as far as this directory, I’ll wait until the end of next year before weighing an opinion. (I am on page 458)