Krampus Christmas Card Art

Self Promotion

Waiting around this week for ‘go aheads’ on several projects, so I had some spare time today. Started work on this years’ Christmas Card. I’ve been doing ‘Krampus’ cards for several years now, and this year did a ‘Big Daddy Roth’ tribute. I’ll still be coloring this one, but I think I’ll meditate on it a while before diving into the color treatment.


Self Promotion

So, this spring I hinted at some interesting ‘Krampus’ developments in the future, and it may be time to spill the beans. I’ve signed a Distribution/Development deal with a company in California to place the Krampus designs that I’ve been doing these past five or six years (as personal Christmas Card images), on various bits of merchandise (mugs, magnets, lunch boxes, puzzles are the ones that I’ve been told about so far). I received the first of the samples this week, a box of mugs, and the advance check arrived this past weekend, so I can assume this project is moving forward, and you should be seeing these items available in the near future (I’ll post links when I have them).

Updated Bibliography

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This afternoon I’ve updated the ‘Bibliography’ page on my website, with some of the recent book projects I’ve been involved with, along with amazon links to most of what is still in print (going back to 1990). Interesting to see that links are already up to a few of the books that I’ve only recently finished working on, and a few that I’m still in the process of completing. I’ll be back next week with some samples of ‘shorter deadline’ and ‘editorial’ work, so stay tuned.




Krampus 2015

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That time of year again. This is the fifth Krampus card I’ve done, and this year, I thought I’d try doing one in the scratchboard style. As with the previous images in this series, it is available on various bits of merchandise at my Zazzle storefront (see the ‘store’ link in the menu above).

Out with the Old, In with the New

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Well, came home from the Wheatland Music Festival mid-September, and on my first day back at work, the computer died. I’ve had that one since 2008, and when we brought it in to the Apple store, we were informed that it was now a ‘Retro Classic’, and basically unrepairable by them. So onward and upward, a few weeks later I’m on a brand spanking new machine and back hard at work after a two week lull. Above is the first ‘big project’ I’ve attempted on the new system and software (updated to Painter 2016 with the transition), and will be a promotional postcard to be sent out soon to try and drum up some new business. I’ve a few other pieces to post (a few smaller jobs, and some samples from a couple book projects from last year), but will take care of that over the weekend.