Return to The i Spot

Self Promotion

After being away for a few years, I’ve decided to return to to bolster my online advertising. I was one of their early subscribers back when the service first became available, and I was probably with them for almost ten years, before dropping my subscription during the economic downturn.

I’ve just finished uploading 60 illustration samples, and I must say, I’ve been enjoying their improvements to the site, so far. Uploading samples has been greatly streamlined, as well as management of keywords and search terms.┬áMy plan is to change out the samples on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on free time available) so as to keep the variety fresh, and perhaps tightly focus on particular styles and subject matter on each ‘changeover’.

Directory of Illustration 33

Self Promotion

Well, the big advertising experiment of 2016-2017 is about to begin. I received my copy of the Directory of Illustration 33 in the mail yesterday, and my page looks about as I expected. The actual art buyers won’t be receiving their copies until January of 2017 (about two months away), so I am still reserving judgement on the effectiveness of this method of advertising. I received an email from last month, and I am seriously thinking of going back to them in the coming year, but as far as this directory, I’ll wait until the end of next year before weighing an opinion. (I am on page 458)

Krampus Christmas Card Art

Self Promotion

Waiting around this week for ‘go aheads’ on several projects, so I had some spare time today. Started work on this years’ Christmas Card. I’ve been doing ‘Krampus’ cards for several years now, and this year did a ‘Big Daddy Roth’ tribute. I’ll still be coloring this one, but I think I’ll meditate on it a while before diving into the color treatment.