John Muir Trail Book

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Last year, while we were in the midst of our 4 week trip, the idea was proposed amongst the four of us that we should turn our adventure (or series of misadventures) into a graphic novel. This spring I have been working on doing just that, and here’s another page sample from the project. (I posted another sample a few weeks ago) I envision the book as a mix of comedic travelogue (along the lines of Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’), and ‘hiking dos and don’ts’ guide (learn from our mistakes), with occasional nature tidbits (like the old ‘Mark Trail’ comic strip), with a bit of middle-age angst and philosophy thrown in for good measure. Hoping to pick up speed and get enough done to start shopping the idea around soon.

How Not to Hike the JMT

John Muir Book, personal

Now awaiting the go-ahead on 4 book projects, and in sort of a holding pattern, circling the runway. In the meantime, with a lot of time on my hands, I decided to start work on a book project of my own. While we were on our hiking trip last summer, conversation frequently came around the idea that we should write a graphic novel chronicling our misadventures. The working title is “How Not to Hike the John Muir Trail (or How to Not Hike the John Muir Trail)”. Above is one of the first two page spreads that will likely open the book. Once I get a chapter or two completed, I may begin shopping it around to various publishers. Stay tuned for more as this dry spell continues.