Giant Pumpkins and Boggy Creek Monsters

Common Reader, Green Prints

A few small assignments from this past week. The ‘Giant Pumpkin’ illustration is for GreenPrints and the color illustration below is for The Common Reader to accompany an article about the author and his son attending a premiere of the restored version of “The Legend of Boggy Creek”, and meeting the star outside the theater.

Couple of Quickies

Common Reader, Hudson Valley



The Dan Rather ‘What Unites Us’ book project has been pushed back to a start date of the beginning of April, so I was happy to have a few smaller projects to keep me busy this past week. I’ve also started a larger project for the ABA which fits in nicely with the spare time I’ll have over the next two weeks. Above is an illustration for the Common Reader about a very strange tradition down in Texas, and below is another Hudson Valley illustration on a woman’s sabbatical to Hudson New York.



And also in the “keeping myself busy” category, I’ve dug my old oil paints out of mothballs, and have begun painting again. Hopefully I’ll have something to post along those lines in the near future.

Jury Duty Day One

Common Reader



Well, day one of my scheduled Jury Duty, and it being Martin Luther King Day, I don’t have to report. Instead I finished up an illustration for the Common Reader this morning, and am about to send it on its merry way. I like how this one turned out.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

AHMM, ChronicleHE, Common Reader


A pleasant holiday in Chicago (the first celebrated at my son’s house, since his marriage in August), and now back home catching up on some quick turnaround work. Above is an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and, since these things tend to go in streaks, another ‘Uncle Sam’ themed illustration for a new client, The Common Reader for Washington University in St. Louis (a portrayal of a prison craft store purchase of an Uncle Sam figure made out of scrap metal parts).


I also finished up another fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine this morning (pictured below).