Unusual Assignments

Carus Publishing, Consumer Reports, JMK & Associates, Zillions

Started out the year with a couple of unusual but time consuming map assignments for one of the children’s publication clients. The map above was of a certain city in California (don’t remember offhand which city) with zoo and various city attractions pointed out. Below was a more dry overhead map of the city of Beijing. Less interesting visually, but a lot more work drawing in all those tiny streets (based off of a large poor reference map that the client sent me, that had to be scanned and pieced together and made sense of with regards to the accompanying article). Besides being a lot of tedious work, it was a nice break from using the other side of my brain.

I had a large poster sized illustration request from a local ad agency this month. Much bigger than I was comfortable working in, especially in scratchboard, and I really don’t like how this one turned out. I would later learn that when working at a much larger scale like this, to simplify the linework a lot more, and use a lot less shading, thinking more in terms of how it will be seen from further away than most of the small spots are.

With most of my ‘map assignments’ from a particular children’s magazine publisher I was asked to provide small ‘locator’ maps, usually with a globe and a smaller version of the map pinpointing the origin of the ‘larger map’. I usually don’t include these here in my blog, as they are rather repetitive and uninteresting. But this one was a little better than most, and thought it might be interesting to include here. This one went with the Beijing map pictued above showing China’s location on the globe, and the city’s location within China.

Pictured below is another illustration for another one of my children’s magazine clients. I dont’ quite remember what this one was about (watching tv, of course, but other than that?). My son’s cat Ripley making another guest appearance.