Scratchboards for January

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Sailing World

Had an assignment from Sailing World magazine for the first time in almost 8 years this month. This was the first ‘digital’ assignment for this client. The article was about two approaches to sailing, advice from an ‘old salt’ and from a ‘brash young upstart’, and I was asked to do a caricature of each person interviewed in the article. I’m still struggling with color assignments around this time, trying to figure out the difference between what the colors look like on my computer screen, and what they will eventually look like in print. Looking at these ten years later, I think I was a bit dark and pink on the skin tones.

Of the two, I think I like the way the ‘old fellow’ turned out better. On the ‘young skateboard punk’, I think I was trying too hard to be ‘extreme and in your face to the max’ with the layout (probably a request from the art director), and it just feels out of sync with my style.

For Legal Times this month, I had a set of illustrations about Bill Clinton and his legal troubles with Paula Jones. This was on a ‘boxing’ theme, and the three illustrations were to be spread across the page in different corners, and with the blindfolded referee somewhere in the middle.

I also had another ‘Bill’ illo for the same client, this time duded up in a King outfit. (below)

I also had a couple of color assignments this month from the Chronicle of Higher Education (above and below). I don’t quite remember the story behind either of these.