Misc July Color Assignments

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Harvard Magazine, Metro Detroit Parent, Newsday, US Catholic

I had a few nautical pieces this month for one of my children’s magazine clients. This series of articles had to do with various aspects of the revolutionary war (secretly supplying the troops, unusual allies, etc). The illustration above was of a supply ship being unloaded (or loaded, not sure which) under cover of darkness, and the illustration to the left was a filler spot showing one of the supply ships under way. Below is a two page spread portraying the supplies being handed out to fresh recruits.

The above illustration was presumably for the same series of articles, and shows a clash between two sets of mercenary troops (if memory serves).

I also received a rather oddball assignment from an east coast College mouthpiece magazine in July, this was a pair of bookend illustrations portraying Carl Everett dressed in Harvard robes, and a Harvard prof (forget his name) dressed up in Red Sox garb. The whole assignment felt real awkward, and it shows in the illustrations.

The above illustration was for a catholic magazine client of mine that I’ve been working for since the early nineties, and I think this was the very first time that this client made use of my ‘cartoon’ style (previously all illustrations were done in scratchboard).
Below is another Michigan regional parenting publication assignment from my agent. This one was rather unusual, as they wanted me to provide them with 2 color separations for a color wash — I’ve combined them here for the sample, but in delivering the work, I had to send them two separate files. One of the last times I’ve ever had to do this sort of thing, as this type of printing is rarely ever done anymore with the new digital processes.

Below is an assignment for my east coast newspaper client. This was to show the new concept of ‘online banking’. Strange to think that only 8 years ago this seemed newfangled.

Additional March Color Work

Consumer Reports, CRC, Harvard Magazine, Newsday, Zillions

I had a caricature assignment this month from a new client, an east coast college mouthpiece magazine. I approached this one a little differently than my usual style, and I was quite happy with how it turned out. Haven’t had much chance to go back to this style since, though.

I had a couple assignments this month from my children’s consumer magazine client. I dont’ remember what the deal was with these two illustrations, but I’m sure they were connected with some sort of ‘puzzle’ in each case. I had a lot of fun with the ‘faux product designs’ below, it took me back to my youth, collecting and studying the artwork on ‘wacky packages’.

The ‘globe’ illustration above was for a local religious organization’s monthly magazine, and the illustration below was another in a series of ‘recipe’ articles that I contributed to for a while for my east coast newspaper client.