Where Is Niagara Falls?


I just finished up the illustrations for my 16th title in the ‘Who Was’ series of books from Penguin Young Readers (‘What is Area 51?’), so I thought I’d take us back a few years and share all the illustrations from a previous title. This one was from 2015 and was titled “Where is Niagara Falls?”. This was probably the most challenging and labor intensive of the books so far, with a lot of cityscapes, large landscapes and overhead shots. I learned to speed up the process with this project, which is sort of a necessity especially when I started working on multiple titles with overlapping deadlines, and, as a result, I had some breakthroughs with regards to my black and white pen and ink style. I was quite happy with how a lot of these illustrations turned out. I’ve shared a few of these in the past, but this is the first time sharing all 80 or so from the book.


MacMillan, Penguin, River Styx



Been a busy several weeks. I haven’t had time to post any samples in a while. The illustration above was a quickie for River Styx about a young newlywed couple who do some ‘caving’ on their honeymoon. I actually preferred the energy of the sketch to the final illustration on this one. In the past few weeks I’ve been finishing up a few new book projects. One of them was another of the ‘Who Was’ series of books for Penguin, this one on the Bermuda Triangle (I’ve attached a sample illustration, one of about 80 of the illustrations for this particular title). I’ll be sharing all the illustrations for this book probably sometime next year after it is on the shelves. The other book I was working on was for a new client, MacMillan Children’s Publishing, and was a semi-humorous book on Orville & Wilbur Wright (if you recall, I also did a book on the Wright Brothers for Penguin a few years back). I’ve attached one of illustrations as a sample (and again, will share more of them after publication).



Who Was Robert Ripley?


Another in the series of Penguin “Who Was” books that I did in 2014 was “Who Was Robert Ripley?”. This was my sixth title for this client (the previously shared “Isaac Newton” and “Edgar Allan Poe” books were actually numbers 7 and 8, respectively, I had somehow skipped the Ripley book), and I am currently working on two titles concurrently (in 2017) that will be the 14th and 15th in this series. As with the other books, I may have shared one or two samples in previous posts, but this is the first time I am sharing all 80 or so illustrations from the book. Next month I’ll be sharing ‘Where Is Niagara Falls?’ from 2015.

Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?


Continuing with my monthly shares of illustrations from the ‘Who Was’ series of books. This was the 9th title for this series that I provided interior illustrations for, near the end of 2015. I’ve shared a couple samples from this book in the past, but this is the first time that I’m sharing nearly all of the 80 some illustrations. These books are all available on Amazon, check my Bibliography page for links. Next month: What Was the Niagara Falls? (also from 2015)

Who Was Sir Isaac Newton?


Having just finished up another ‘Who was’ book for Penguin this week (the latest one is ‘What Were The Ten Commandments?’, available soon on Amazon), I thought I’d share a batch of illustrations from another of the books in this series that I completed a few years ago. This was the 6th book in this series that I did interior illustrations for, on Sir Isaac Newton. I’ve shared a few samples of these illustrations here on this site in the past, but this is the first time I am sharing every illustration from the book (80 or so, give or take). I’ll be posting samples from the next book, “Who Was Robert Ripley?” next month.