Where Is The Bermuda Triangle?


Another in the series of ‘Who Was’ books that I’ve done for Penguin Young Readers. I’ve shared a few samples from these books in the past, but here are all the illustrations for this particular book for the first time on this blog. This was the 13 title in this series that I’ve done (and am currently working on an upcoming title on Hiroshima, which will be my 19th).

What Are The Ten Commandments?


From two summers ago, for Penguin Young Readers, part of their “Who Was/What Was” series of books (currently I’m working on my nineteenth book for this client). This one took me back to my first two decades of freelancing, where it seemed like there wasn’t a religious client that I hadn’t worked for at one time or another. Over the years I grew quite tired of drawing “people in robes”, but I worked my way through it by telling myself that I was getting valuable practice at ‘crowd scenes’ and ‘epic adventure’. All the illustrations for the book posted here for the first time.

Where Is The Eiffel Tower?




My twelfth book for Penguin Young Readers in the “Who Was/Where Was” series was this book on the Eiffel Tower (available on Amazon here) which I did in 2016. I hesitated upon accepting this project at first, as my least favorite things to draw are buildings (I had previously passed on a similar book on the Twin Towers), but I took it as a challenge, and vowed to do my best at a difficult assignment. By the time I was finished, I felt it was my best work to date for this client, and took a great deal of pride in how the final product turned out, and learned quite a bit in the process. I’ve shared a few samples of this book in the past, but this is the first time I’m sharing each and every illustration.


ET15 ET9 ET13 ET10 ET12 ET11 ET14

Who Was Milton Bradley?


MB12Another of the ‘Who Was’ series that I did in 2016 was “Who Was Milton Bradley?”. This was the 11th title in this series that I’ve been involved with. I’ve shared the occasional sample illustration on this blog, but this is the first time sharing all of the illustrations from the book. Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing the illustrations from “What Was The Eiffel Tower?” next month.

MB7 MB1 MB8 MB3 MB4 MB11 MB9 MB10 MB2 MB6 MB5


Finishes, Sneak Peeks and More Sketches

Hudson Valley, Penguin, Taylor Design, Today Media


Above is how the illustration for Hudson Valley turned out, which I finished up this afternoon. I’ve also been working full tilt on the Vietnam book, trying to get it done early, in anticipation of our trip to Ireland in about a week’s time. Below is a sneak peek at one of the Vietnam illustrations (this has definitely been the “Year of Nixon”, with no less than 3 separate books so far this year with multiple Nixon illustrations).

Which also reminds me, it has been a while since I’ve shared work from these Penguin ‘who was’ books, so I may put together a post along those lines either next week, or when I return from our trip.

VietnamteaserBelow that, I have five more rough sketches for the Xmas card project that I talked about in the last post. After the client looked over the first batch, they had some suggestions and modifications to the prior group of sketches.

sketchweb1 sketchweb2 sketchweb4 sketchweb5 sketchweb3


And some more sketches, for a quick turnaround piece for the Chronicle on the suppression of a diversity of viewpoints on campus.