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One of the interesting side effects of working on these “Who Was” books for Penguin, is the fact that they are also published in various ‘foreign editions’ (which they very nicely send me copies of from time to time). While this is not the first time my work has appeared in other countries (I’ve previously done work for magazines in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany and Holland, among others), I believe this is my first experience with foreign editions of books I have appeared in.

For the record, the cover illustrations are not by me, I mostly do the interior illustrations (except for one title, ‘What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?’, which I did back in 2014)

What Is The U.S. Constitution?


From 2017, the fifteenth book in the “Who Was/What Was” series that I illustrated for Penguin Young Readers, was “What Is the U.S. Constitution?” These books generally consisted of 80 or so black and white interior illustrations ranging in size from small spots to two page spreads. All of the illustrations for this book posted on this blog for the first time.

What Was The Ten Commandments?


From 2017, another in the series of “Who Was/What Was” books from Penguin Young Readers. These projects are usually in the neighborhood of 80 black and white illustrations of various sizes, from small spots to double page spreads. This one rivaled the ‘Chicago Fire’ project in complexity and scope, with many large crowd scenes and battle scenes and architecture. This was the 14th of these books I’d illustrated, and here are all the illustrations posted for the first time.

Where Is The Bermuda Triangle?


Another in the series of ‘Who Was’ books that I’ve done for Penguin Young Readers. I’ve shared a few samples from these books in the past, but here are all the illustrations for this particular book for the first time on this blog. This was the 13 title in this series that I’ve done (and am currently working on an upcoming title on Hiroshima, which will be my 19th).

Where Is The Eiffel Tower?




My twelfth book for Penguin Young Readers in the “Who Was/Where Was” series was this book on the Eiffel Tower (available on Amazon here) which I did in 2016. I hesitated upon accepting this project at first, as my least favorite things to draw are buildings (I had previously passed on a similar book on the Twin Towers), but I took it as a challenge, and vowed to do my best at a difficult assignment. By the time I was finished, I felt it was my best work to date for this client, and took a great deal of pride in how the final product turned out, and learned quite a bit in the process. I’ve shared a few samples of this book in the past, but this is the first time I’m sharing each and every illustration.


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