Happy Juneteenth

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Been a few weeks since my last posting. I’ve been working hard on finishing up the sketches for one ‘Who Was’ project, and doing finished illustrations for another one on the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ (a few teaser samples below, I usually save the whole project for a few years past the publication date, which is hard, because I’m so happy with how so many in this book turned out). I’ve also been working on another animation project, which will probably not see the light of day for another month or more. I’m also happy to announce I’ve got another book project lined up for a new client over the next couple of months. So hopefully things are slowly looking hopeful again after several months of stress. The above illustration was a quick one this morning for Delaware Today.

Still Here

Delaware Today

I’m still plugging away at this illustration business. Been very slow, as I’m sure it has been for much of the industry. Above was one of the few assignments I had over the past month, for an upcoming issue of Delaware Today.

Not sure what has happened to the 4 book projects that I’ve been working on. I was expecting to be working on them all through May, but they all seem to be way behind schedule. I just received word from First Second that the “What Unites Us” book has now been scheduled for a Winter of ’21 release (hopefully people are going back into book stores by then).

I’ve been using the slow time to learn some new skills. I’ve been working on a new animation project (using different software than I’ve used in the past), and I expect to be rolling that out publicly by the end of the week, so stay tuned. I’ve been very excited with how it has been looking, and have been grateful to have something to look forward to working on every morning.

It’s a very frightening and uncertain time for all of us, so stay frosty, and keep fighting the good fight. Stay safe everyone.


Delaware Today, Today Media

Hunkered down at home like everyone else. A lot of my friends are having a hard time coping with the solitary lifestyle, the isolation, the face-to-face daily interactions of their co-workers. I feel for them, but let’s face it, I’ve had decades of practice at this. During the first twenty years, before I started playing music in a band, I rarely left the house and socialized with anyone other than parents at my son’s school functions.

The one thing I AM feeling, however, is the dread and the uncertainty for the future. Above is an illustration for Delaware Today, one of two that I’m working on this week. I am so grateful for their continued patronage in these difficult times. It has been a difficult year so far, slower than any in the past thirty, and this was before the pandemic hit. I had a few book projects lined up, but now I’m not sure they are still in the works, considering the impending recession. I am still open for business, and trying to keep focused and busy with ‘self generated’ projects. Stay healthy everyone, and best of luck weathering the storm.