May Scratchboards

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Recorder

The illustration above was for a west coast legal magazine and concerned the upcoming changes in the music industry.

The remainder of the illustrations in this posting were scratchboard illustrations I did for an east coast legal newspaper and an educational publication, but to be honest, I don’t quite remember much about any of them, even to the point of confusing which ones were for which client.

Bulls Bugs and Impeachments

ABA, Legal Times, Newsday, Recorder

The ‘computer bug’ illustration above was for the American Bar Association. I had a lot of fun with the bug, which turned out nice, but I wish I’d spent more time on the people in the picture, and perhaps the shadows could have been better handled.

Clinton’s impeachment was in the news quite a bit this month, and I had two assignments on the topic from Legal Times. Neither was particularly imaginative in concept, but I thought I did a pretty good job with what I was handed.

On the west coast, I had an assignment for another legal magazine, The Recorder. This is one I wish I could have the chance to do again (and I might, just for fun on an upcoming promo postcard). They wanted a sort of ‘pandoras box’ type image, and if I were to do again, I would definitely go a bit darker, and worked a little homage of Bosch into the beasties and creatures pouring out of the box.

And, back on the east coast, for Newsday, I had one of my first ‘bull market’ illustrations (of which I would begin to have many many more of in the following years, once I started getting more work from the ‘financial press’).

Off With His Head!

Dove Audio, Legal Times, Recorder

Legal Times asked me to do a ‘queen of hearts’ illustration ala ‘alice’ this month, and I jumped at the chance to do a parody of one of my favorite illustrators from WAY back, Sir John Tenniel. I enjoy these ‘style parody’ assignments, as it is a good chance to dissect how another artist works. I even parodied his distinctive signature, modifying it slightly so that it made a ‘TF’. I probably should have used a crow quill pen instead of a rapideograph in order to be more authentic, but, like Charlie Brown, I’ve always had a hard time controlling the ink flow with one of those things.

Also this month, I had the first of two ‘cartoon book’ projects in ’94 that I regretting taking on even before I was halfway through the drawings. These were for Dove Audio, a publishing firm out west, and the book was to be one of those ‘dead cat’ type jokebooks featuring Barney the Dinosaur. At first the job sounded intrigueing, but once I signed on, and the ‘concepts’ starting coming in from the author, I started to have my doubts. Not a good sign when you are working on a humor book that you just don’t find funny. A lot of the humor was of the ‘name dropping’ sort, references to Michael Jackson, Lorena Bobbit, etc. Still available used for mere pennies on Amazon, but is frankly, still overpriced. ADDENDUM: (2018): I got on a kick to rebuild my ‘samples library’, and since I’d never actually seen the finished book (either this one or the sequel, “Final Exit for Lawyers”), I ended up buying them used on Ebay for a couple bucks each. I was expecting them to be pretty horrible looking, and embarrassing, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Also this month, gained a few more new clients, Sports Affield magazine, and the Recorder (a legal magazine on the west coast affiliated with Legal Times).