Meanwhile on the West Coast

Innovision, Recorder

Just as I was starting out with a new client this month (see other posting), this month also proved to be the end of a run with another regular client. The above illustration was a full page illustration for a west coast legal magazine. This one had to do with ‘cyber conflicts’ of the future, and I enjoyed playing around with various tools to get the necessary sci-fi effects for this one.

For another west coast magazine, I had another in a series of illustration projects in which I provide one larger color piece for the cover, and four small black and white spots for the inside, all on a similar theme. I usually do the cover in scratchboard, but thought I’d try something a little different this time. I’m not sure it was all that successful. I actually like the inside pieces better on this one than the cover, for a change. You’ll notice I also used the same ‘starburst’ effect that I used for the sun on the illustration at the start of this post. There are so many nifty gimmicky tools in this Painter toolbox, that you really have to resist the urge to use most of them, as they are a dead giveaway that you are using a computer (I prefer clients to be surprised that I use a computer, tending towards art that actually looks hand drawn).

And back on the east coast, I had another new client this month. This one had to do with the anniversary of Bayer Aspirin (if memory serves).

May Scratchboards

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Recorder

The illustration above was for a west coast legal magazine and concerned the upcoming changes in the music industry.

The remainder of the illustrations in this posting were scratchboard illustrations I did for an east coast legal newspaper and an educational publication, but to be honest, I don’t quite remember much about any of them, even to the point of confusing which ones were for which client.

Shower of Scratchboards for April

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, Recorder

A lot more scratchboard illustrations than normal this month, some better than others. The above illustration was for an east coast newspaper client and was about the heavy handed techniques that the NYPD have been accused of around this time. This was one of those sketches where, after it was approved, I said to myself “oh my god, what you thinking?”. Buildings are not my strong suit, and a whole bunch of buildings, including demolition and destruction was even worse. However, I jumped right into it and ended up with one of my favorite images from this period.

Below is another ‘same day’ illustration for the same client. This one was a rather strange concept but with a pretty decent likeness of Milosovic.

I also had a few color pieces for the same client. Usually, with this client, the black and white illustrations are ‘same day’ work for the editorial pages, and the color assignments are usually for the ‘lifestyle section’ with a day or two leadtime. The one above was about women and tax preparation, and the one below was something about ‘aging’. (the one below was not strictly a scratchboard, except for the figure, the rest made up of various techniques including oil pastels, watercolors and colored pencils.)

The illustration above was for a west coast legal magazine on ‘racial profiling’, and meanwhile, on the east coast, I had a few illustrations for a legal newspaper out of Washington (both pictured below). The ‘topiary’ illustration was something to do with the Libyan court proceedings on that downed airliner in Scotland, and below that was a rather strange shaped illustration featuring Uncle Sam (don’t remember the topic on that one)

I also had a few illustrations this month for my educational publication client. The color illustration featuring the ‘erased’ student I don’t quite remember the topic of, then there was a black and white ‘computer’ user illustration, and then an illustration featuring some students behind a barricade. Of the three, the ‘computer tangle’ turned out the best, the other two being a little weak in concept and in execution.


ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, Recorder

The illustration above was for a west coast legal magazine. It was a challenge, as I wasn’t too confident drawing cars, and drawing two cars smashed together was a logistical nightmare. I’m not crazy about the color choices I made, but I seemed to have had fun with the actual drawing. This was a big one, stretching across a two page spread (not sure how it looked with the fold coming right at the point of impact, unless this was the center fold of the magazine.).

I had a handful of other scratchboard illustrations this month, all of them fairly ho hum. The illustration to the left was a same day illustration for my east coast newspaper client and had to do with some Serb/Croat peace accords. I liked how the bones looked at the bottom of the cliff, but wasn’t too crazy about the ‘stack of papers’ teetering on the edge of a cliff concept as a whole. And the execution of the ‘cliff face’ wasn’t up to snuff, I definitely would have done it a bit differently today (perhaps with the stack of bones a bit more prominent and fading to black sillouetes on the left edge, and given the left side of the cliff more definition.

From time to time, my east coast legal newspaper client would hand me a cover illustration, but in such a way that it would incorporate several small elements that could then be pulled out to use throughout the inside of the issue. It was really a money saving scheme for them, and a logistical headache for me, and usually ended up with a confusing mess of an illustration that I wasn’t too happy with. The illustration above was a prime example. It doesn’t work as a full page illustration, and I’m sure the small spots were less than interesting as well. Nobody to blame but myself and my own shortcomings, though, really.

The illustration to the right was for my educational publication client. I don’t quite remember the topic, something to do with disabilities perhaps?

Below is an illustration for my east coast newspaper client. This one for the lifestyle section and probably had something to do with divorce, or maybe coping with absentee spouses.

Odds and Ends

Arthritis Today, Consumer Reports, Legal Times, Recorder, Zillions

The above illustration, for the Recorder, was a large two page spread that dealt with some sort of ‘copyright issues’ that may come to a head at a certain date (maybe when original copyrights expire?). I don’t quite remember all the details involved in this one.
Meanwhile, on the east coast, I had a piece for Legal Times involving a well known ‘salt company’. The client wanted a female lawyer along the lines of the company’s recognizable logo.

Also this month, I had an unusual assignment from a new client, Arthritis Today, something rather esoteric, where they wanted an illustration depicting ‘rage’. I tried doing something a little different, but I dont’ think it was all that successful.

And finally, this month, I had a ‘puzzle’ assignment for Zillions (Consumer Reports). This one involved anagrams on a list of ‘to do’ chores. A rare assignment where I’m asked to do lettering (not my strong suit by any means)