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Been experimenting a little bit with some animation ideas this week. If you click on the image above, you will be linked to a quicktime movie of a short driving sequence featuring this car and road (sorry, I’m guessing the link has since expired). Eventually, I’ll be adding a background to this sequence, and then some music and sound effects, but for now I’m still working out the bugs in the system. This will eventually be used as a promo video for the comic strip series I’ve been working on this summer with a collaborator.
Animation is another one of those ‘side ambitions’ that I’ve long toyed with in a half-serious fashion for many years, but have never quite found the time to devote to it, nor ever had any clear sense of direction of what to do with it, if I had the time.

Cat and Mouse Movie


Another experimental movie during some down time from work. Playing around with the animation tools in my Painter software. Most of my previous experiments had been simple loops (animal or person walking), and here I tried to have a character walk from one side of the frame to the other, while another character interacts. Was originally planning on having a whole cat parade walking by, combining the various character designs that I worked up as separate elements, but I eventually either ran out of steam, or some paying work came through and thankfully sidetracked me. I’m still figuring out how to post these animations, so bear with me. (hopefully I can eventually get them a little better quality and bigger size in the future)

Music: Intro to “On With the Show” copyright 2007 Tim Foley