Mysterious Character Studies

Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine

This month saw the first digital assignments from Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine (Family Circle). This publication was geared towards a female mystery fan readership, full size and on glossy paper, unlike the work I was doing for Alfred Hitchcock. I was to provide a series of four ‘character studies’ of well known recurring literary subjects from famous authors. They wanted me to not so much focus on their ‘face’, as on the settings, the props and the flavor of the world the character inhabit. I would do three or four sets of these studies before the magazine eventually folded a couple years later.

Jesus Part 2

CRC, Group Publishing, Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine

This was another illustration for the Christian Reformed Church, similar in style and layout to one I had done the month before.

Also, this month, I had a book project for Group Publishing in Colorado. Entitled “Creative Crowd Breakers and Group Identity Builders”, this project consisted of 37 black and white illustrations, of which I have no memory whatsoever. I can’t seem to find the book anywhere online to post a link to.

This month also brought in another new client, Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine. This was a full color glossy fiction magazine put out by the people at Family Circle. I had a few color scratchboard pieces for this client prior to switching over to digital illustration, and did a regular series of ‘character sketches’ for them around ’98 & ’99 before they eventually closed up shop.