Investment Client

AG Edwards

For a period of about 5-6 years, I did a great deal of work for the investment firm AG Edwards, mostly for a quarterly investors newsletter, but also for several in-house advertising projects. When I originally contracted for this work, our agreement was for a 5 year unlimited usage, but since the company is actually no longer in business, I think it might be safe to post some of this work.
Anyhow, these are the illustrations I did for this company in 2006. Most of the work this year tended to feature the ‘nest egg’ concept, which was their current ‘corporate image’ in all their media ads. After a while, the ‘egg theme’ got to be a little constricting.

Investment Illustrations

AG Edwards

The illustrations in this post were all for AG Edwards during the month of April. I’ve been holding these illustrations in reserve due to contractual obligations, but am now adding them to the reprint library since 5 years have now passed since they were commissioned.

Corporate Assignments

AG Edwards

A large national corporate client of mine has been handing me assignments since early in 2002, and I’ve been avoiding posting examples of most of the illustrations, due to the nature of the usage contract that we agreed upon. However, since five years have passed since these were commissioned, I’ll be posting this batch of illustrations. These were for an in-house advertising brochure on savings and investments, and most carried a nautical theme, with a few exceptions (like the tightrope walker above)

I don’t quite remember the text that went with these drawings, but I’m sure most of them were of the ‘planning your future’, ‘charting a course’ variety. At this time I hadn’t yet decided to take up sailing, but I had been doing a lot of reading on the subject, and it was definitely on my mind while planning out the concepts for these illustrations.

Anatomy Lessons

AG Edwards, Newsday, US Catholic, WSJ

I was given a ‘book review’ illustration to do by my east coast newspaper client in August, and the book was about a hermaphrodite, so I had the idea of taking a few greek statues and mixing up the parts, which the AD gave the go ahead to. I did the finish, but then the editors got a look at it, and objected to the penis, so I had to do some rearranging to make it “less noticable”. I fixed per their request, but all the same I was scratching my head about what the revised illustration now had to do with the story. I liked the original better, so I had the foresight to save both versions. I thought I’d post both of them here. The one below is the illustration that got published.

Above is an illustration on ‘bonds’ for my national newspaper client. Also, in a ‘investment’ vein, are a few illustrations for an in-house newsletter for a corporate client of mine that I had just started working with this year. From the looks of the illustrations, I’d guess that the financial outlook is looking rather bleak for the forseeable future.

These ‘newsletter’ projects were a regular quarterly affair, and each contained either 3 or 4 illustrations, all pertaining to different aspects of investments, taxes, retirement, trust funds, etc. One large main illustration (pictured below, the businessmen walking along the rocky terrain), plus a few smaller spots (the hourglass, the waterfall, the tightrope)
The tightrope walker was popular enough, that I was asked to recreate it a few months later in a larger format for a different usage.

The boardroom meeting illustration above, the ‘everglades’ illustration to the left, and the ‘uncle sam in a bathtub’ illustration below, were all for my national newspaper client in August. A rather busy month for this client, when you also take into account the regular health care spots and a few other assorted black and white pieces that I posted in a separate entry this month.

I also had an assignment for my east coast newspaper client around this time, this one being a color piece on the endlessly ongoing Israel/Palestine conflict.
The illustration below was another scratchboard piece for a catholic magazine.

Color Scratchboard

AG Edwards, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

Overall, the color scratchboards in May were turning out much better looking than the black and white pieces (see other posting for May). I had my second ‘quarterly newsletter’ assignment this month from my new corporate client. The illustration above was the large ‘front page’ picture, and then 3 others of varying sizes were to accompany the other lesser articles in the newsletter. The opening illustration was usually a ‘forecast’ type story, so I’m guessing that the news for investments this quarter was hopeful, as if we were ‘seeing the light at the end of the tunnel’.
The other illustrations in the newsletter however seem to still be rather cautionary. I don’t remember the exact slant of the ‘banana’ illustration, but it was probably something along the lines of ‘watch your step’, and the ‘chicken’ was to warn you of the dangers of ‘keeping all your eggs in one basket’ (a theme we would revisit again in the future more than once). And the one below, was something to do with ‘protecting your estate’.

I had a rather unusual assignment from my national newspaper client this month. This one was for a science story about a brain implant that was used to direct the movements of a test rat, and they pretty much wanted an image of the rat in question, and supplied me with suitable reference materials. This was one of those fun situations in which I worked on the project in the afternoon, and then, the next morning, heard the same story being reported on NPR. I felt like I was on the cutting edge of the news.

Another ‘animal’ piece this month, was for an east coast newspaper cleint of mine. This was to accompany a recipe in the lifestyle section for ‘beer can chicken’, and, rather than just portray the actual food being prepared (which I’d done for this feature in the past), I thought I’d have a little fun with the concept. Ended up being one of my personal favorite illustrations of the year.

I was less pleased with how the above illustration turned out. For the same east coast newspaper client, this was to be a parody of the old ’98 lb weakling’ from the Charles Atlas ads, but with Tom Ridge. The layout was rather dull, being stuck with the stiff poses from that old cartoon, and the face didn’t seem to fit the body in this case. It probably would have been funnier to parody the entire cartoon, and to make it actually look more like the original source material. Live and learn.
The spot to the left, was a small one for my national newspaper client. This was concerning ATM machines being put down in Mexico, but tied to US banks. This almost looks like early training for how the ‘health care’ spots would eventually turn into a couple years later.

The above piece for an east coast legal newspaper was another one that I was less than happy with. I don’t remember who the subject was, but if one of them was supposed to be George W, then it was a pretty poor likeness. Interesting experiment with fading out the background characters to help the forward ones ‘pop’ a bit better.
The piece below, was another for my national newspaper client, this one about IPOs and federal regulations.

And finally, the illustration below, which was for my educational publication client. This one about different colleges cooperating with each other in some respect.