April Showers

AHMM, Barrons, D Magazine, Newsday

In addition to the shower of illustrations coming from two of my more regular clients during this month (chronicled in two separate entries for April), I also had a few other assignments trickle in from other corners of the client base. The illustration above was another of my fiction pieces for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This one concerned a teenage runaway who is taken in by a mysterious stranger.

A newer client, D Magazine from Texas, who I had done a few pieces for previously over the past year, gave me a trio of spot illustrations to work on. These were on a variety of subjects (which I have now long forgotten), but I seem to remember that they all had to pull together somehow by having a common ‘look and style’.
They were all to do with money in one way or another, so I had the idea of trying out a new technique, trying to make them look like extreme enlargements of engravings on a dollar bill, distressing the lines, using a dark green for the linework instead of the usual black, and trying to keep things rather stylized, but at the same time giving them a lighter humorous touch. It was fun working in a different technique, after so much scratchboard lately, and gave me a heady feeling of walking a tightrope without a net.

My favorite of the three, even though I really have no idea to what it refers to, is the toilet brush illustration. It just makes me laugh for some reason.

I also received a same day illustration from Newsday sometime during the month. This was a editorial essay about hiring undocumented aliens and paying them under the table. I seem to remember that some political figure at the time was in hot water for doing something of this sort.

And finally, a color piece for Barrons, this one about investing in ‘junk bonds’. A busy month, so much so that I almost completely forgot most of the drawings that I did during this period, in the rush of activity, and am only now getting reaquainted with them as I work my way through the archives.

Nautical Postcard Pays Off

AHMM, ChronicleHE, D Magazine

The nautical themed postcard that I sent out last fall paid off in a big way this month with a multi-image assignment from D Magazine out of Texas. This story involved a group of cuban refugees who travelled through a hurricane to reach the Texas coast in a small motorboat. The above illustration appeared in the magazine as a 1&1/2 page spread, and was quite fun and dramatic to put together. I also had a smaller ‘map insert’ that chose to do in a slightly different style. I hadn’t done a map in quite a while, and I forgot how much fun they could be. It is a totally different experience working on a map, than it is drawing a ‘scene’ like the one above. You seem to use a different side of your brain while you work on it, and it is a nice break from the routine. In addition, I also was asked to provide a horizontal ‘waves’ picture that could be used along the bottom of subsequent pages in the article.

Then, for the Chronicle of Higher Education, I had to put my conceptual skills to the test, for an article about psychology in middle aged adults. I almost used this one as a promo postcard later in the year, but changed my mind at the last minute.

Then I had an unusual fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This one was set in a fictional ‘middle ages’ era, and concerned a travelling musician. I liked the layout of this one, a little different than the usual scenes I churn out for this publication.