Rough Sketches

rough sketches



There are some days where most of my workload consists of preliminary sketches for future finished projects. I sometimes like the raw, quick and dirty feel of some of these rough pencils. Here’s a few from my current workload, and if you stay tuned in the future, I’ll likely be posting the final versions for comparison. Above a rough for Hudson Valley Magazine, and below a couple roughs for an upcoming book for Penguin, and below that a rough sketch for a River Styx assignment.





ADDENDUM (Wednesday): And another one for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine:



More Life Drawings

Figure Studies, rough sketches

More life studies from that last class that I took at our local community college. As I mentioned in another posting, this class was plagued with model difficulties (not showing up, very little variety), and we were frequently relegated to either drawing the ‘class skeleton’ or fellow students (like the poor fellow below).

More Life Studies

Figure Studies, rough sketches

More life studies from that class I audited in either ’01 or ’02 at a local community college. Not much variety in models this semester, and I have a whole lot of drawings of this particular gentleman.

I seem to have a lot of gesture drawings and short charcoal studies from this class, and not very many time intensive pieces. Probably a result of the teacher’s priorities with the rest of the students (an advanced class is more likely to experiment with mediums and spend longer times on a single pose).

Below are a few of the quicker gesture drawings and studies.

Life Drawing

Figure Studies, rough sketches

Somewhere in the neighborhood of ’01 or ’02 I took another life drawing class at the local community college. Again, without a grade, just auditing the class for studio time with a model, and a chance to hone my drawing and anatomy skills. This was the last class I’ve taken in many years, and after looking through these, I am itching to get back into it again (this being written in ’08). This was a frustrating class this time. A lot of students of rather poor skills and aptitude, and the model variety was limited to the same two dull gentlemen with limited pose repertoire. However, I still managed to get some interesting drawings out of it.