Rough Sketch

Hudson Valley, rough sketches

PunkBandwebA rough sketch for an upcoming illustration for Hudson Valley. Had a busy weekend with my own band, with shows on Thursday and then up in Traverse City on Saturday, so still a little high on performing anyways, which made this one fall right into my sweet spot to start out the week.


Early November Assignments

ABA, personal, rough sketches



November has started out rather slowly. I had cleared this month deliberately, in order to make room for a large project that I was expecting to start on by this time. Still in a holding pattern at this time (but I am assured that the project is still forthcoming, so stay tuned), and in the meantime, I am taking on whatever work is coming my way for the short term. Above is the finished piece for the American Bar Association’s publication “Litigation” (rough sketch was shared in the previous post), and below is an illustration that I did for a friend’s CD cover (almost ten years ago, we had appeared together in a local theater production of “Woody Guthrie’s American Song”).


Below is a sketch for a possible magazine illustration for a former client who is now working for ‘The Common Reader’, a publication of Washington University-St. Louis (the story seems to be about a craft item purchased at a prison). In the meantime, I’m enjoying the slow pace of the last few weeks, and getting a lot of reading done. Hopefully things pick up soon.


More from the Sketchbook

personal, rough sketches



One of my ‘new years resolutions’ this past January, was to try and draw more in the many blank sketchbooks that I have laying around. I’ve never been a reliable sketchbook artist, and often find, that after a long day of drawing for hire, that the last thing I feel like doing is drawing for fun. But I have made a concerted effort this year to address that situation. Here are a few samples of ‘just for fun’ doodles that I have done this past year.


sketchbookB sketchbookD



From the Sketchbook

personal, rough sketches

blarneysketchOne of my ‘new years resolutions’ this past January was to try and make an effort to do more sketching with physical pen and ink and try to fill up some of the many blank books that I’ve got laying around here. I very rarely sketch for the fun of it, and it has been years since I’ve worked in anything other than the digital medium. We took a trip to Ireland this past week, and I brought along a sketchbook and a few ink pens, and forced myself to slow down and draw a little bit during this vacation. So, while the rest of our party trudged up to the top of Blarney Castle (I’ve climbed it in the past, and wasn’t missing much), I sat below in the gardens and did the above pen and ink sketch.

On another occasion, while watching some musicians in a pub in Ennis, I did a few sketches of the players and of a few of the bar patrons. (edited and pictured below) I’m a little rusty at this sort of thing, to be sure. I was especially enamored of the facial expressions of the accordion player, and of one particularly ancient old man sitting in the corner hunched over his glass of sherry.



As far as my ‘new years resolution’, I started out the year drawing nearly every day for the first month or so, but as work became more busy, I started returning to the sketch book more and more rarely. So, as long as we are on the subject, here are a sampling of sketches from that period earlier in the year, when I was still sticking to my sketch regimen.






I have many more of these to share, but will save them for another time.