Sketch Day

rough sketches



Most of the workload today was sketches for upcoming projects. I had a holiday card project that needed 6 concepts (bravery in the face of criticism was the theme), plus a magazine illustration for Hudson Valley (the one in color).








rough sketches



Since today’s workload is mostly made up of rough concept sketches, I thought I’d share some old sketches from many years back, that I saved for one reason or another (I actually should be saving a lot more of the unused concepts, who knows, they may come in handy someday).


One of the clients I am currently working for does an annual Xmas card based on an inspirational quote. Some of the sketches from this batch are from previous years’ rejections. I always find it daunting coming up with concepts from what seems like ‘thin air’, but somehow I manage to eventually come up with something that works. The first five sketches in today’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ are from 2015, and the¬†following three are from 2014 (all for the same Xmas card client).

sketch3web sketch4web sketch5web

sketch6web sketch7web sketch8webThese next sketches are from various sources (mostly rejected ideas for clients), and the years were as follows: Gas Pump (2013, Unknown Client), Light Bulbs (2013, Chronicle of Higher Education), Huddle (2007, Unknown Client)

sketch10web sketch11web sketch12web


Sketch Day – Eye of the Storm

Dover, Hudson Valley, rough sketches, Today Media


Been a while since I’ve shared any rough sketches. This week is sort of a ‘eye of the storm’ with several book projects at the halfway point between sketch and editor approval stages, and I’ve only got a few quick turnaround projects to occupy my time. The above is a rough sketch for a Hudson Valley illustration, and below is a rough sketch for another Dover Evergreen Classics book cover (‘A Little Princess’). I’ll be finishing these up later this week, and I’ll post the finishes at that time.


In the meantime, I’ve also been digging through the archives and discovering a treasure trove of cartoon spot illustrations that I did for Instructional Fair back around 1999-2004 that I have not previously shared on this blog. I’m thinking of doing some colorizing and repurposing of those illustrations for the stock art market. I’ll be sharing some of these collections on upcoming ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts, so stay tuned.


Rough Sketches

rough sketches



There are some days where most of my workload consists of preliminary sketches for future finished projects. I sometimes like the raw, quick and dirty feel of some of these rough pencils. Here’s a few from my current workload, and if you stay tuned in the future, I’ll likely be posting the final versions for comparison. Above a rough for Hudson Valley Magazine, and below a couple roughs for an upcoming book for Penguin, and below that a rough sketch for a River Styx assignment.





ADDENDUM (Wednesday): And another one for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine:



Life Drawing Blues

Figure Studies, personal, rough sketches

More life studies from that last class that I took at our local community college around ’01 or ’02. As I mentioned in another posting, this class was plagued with model difficulties (not showing up, very little variety – we had a lot of sessions with the ‘skinny man’), and we were frequently relegated to either drawing the ‘class skeleton’ or fellow students (like the poor morbidly obese fellow below).