Martin Luther

Baker Book House

This was a book cover for a book on Martin Luther (he’s apparently having a big anniversary this coming year) for Baker. This is an early draft, the final version had some changes to the ‘crowd’ in the background. Below is the black and white version of the same art.

December Book Project

Baker Book House

Nearing the end of 2016, and, as promised, here’s the illustrations I’ve spent most of December working on. This was for a book project for Baker, a young reader’s edition of ‘The God Smuggler’ (about a man who spends his life smuggling bibles behind the iron curtain). 30 black and white full page illustrations in a pen and ink cross hatching style. This is a style that I began using when I first started illustrating full time in 1989, but fell by the wayside in lieu of the more popular cartoon and scratchboard styles. These past few years, though, it has had a resurgence in popularity with my clients, especially for book publishing projects.

Moving into Summer

AHMM, Baker Book House, US Catholic, Weekly Standard

Finished up another book project (above is one sample of the 14 portraits I did for this book project on Women from Black History, and I’ll post some more samples once the book is published). I’m still working on a coloring book project of scratchboard illustrations (about 30 of these) and I’ll post some samples of those when the book eventually sees print, as well. Aside from the publishing projects, I had a few shorter turnaround illustrations for some of my magazine clients, and they are pictured below.

And speaking of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine; I’ve been doing illustrations for this publication since 1989, and I am looking for back issues from the years 1989-1998 in which my artwork has appeared. If you happen to have copies in your attic gathering dust, drop me an email, and I’d be happy to make an offer on them.


Baker Book House, WSJ

Finished up an assignment for the Journal this morning, pictured above (click on the image to see a larger detailed version), and I’ve also included the rough sketch for it below.

Otherwise, my work this month has been primarily finishing up a book project (a sampling of the 40 or so illustrations pictured below).

A week of semi-normalcy

AHMM, Baker Book House, Boston Globe, ChronicleHE, River Styx

Finished up one of the book projects early last week and started work on a sample illustration for one of the upcoming book projects (pictured further down this blog entry). Besides the ‘publishing work’, I also had a series of quicker turnaround jobs to keep me busy throughout the rest of the week. The above illustration (and the accompanying spot below) were for an upcoming issue of GreenPrints. Below that is a color illustration for the Boston Globe that I finished up on Thursday.

On Friday, I finished up a story assignment for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (pictured above). Today I had a few rough sketches to do for some upcoming projects this week. Below are a few of the rejected sketches for a Chronicle assignment, plus a story assignment for River Styx.