Anatomy, Foot Fungus and a Rash of New Clients

Strang Publications, Worldwide Church of God

This ‘mechanical anatomy’ illustration was another for Strang Publications in Florida. I used this one many years later in a calendar brochure, and inspired another client to do a variation on this illustration for their own publication. (see February ’98)

A couple of new clients popped up in June and July of ’92, however I have very little memory of the projects involved. One of them was for Times Mirror Magazines (some illustrations about skiing?), and another was a fossil illustration for the Lapidary Journal. In August I had another assignment for Governing which I do remember quite vividly. It was a full page cartoon assignment about ‘innovation’ where I had a series of cavemen trying to design alternatives to ‘the wheel’. I remember it being quite cute, and I’m sorry to say that the artwork hasn’t survived.

In September I got my first assignments from a company called North American Publishing, who would keep me fairly busy over the next couple years. I don’t remember much about the jobs, however, and I’m not sure if the artwork was ever returned.

Another new client this month was the Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York who gave me a smattering of illustration assignments during the coming months before disappearing again. (I don’t remember much about these either). Also heard from Institutional Investor magazine for the first time in September, another client who would give me repeat business for a short while before dropping out of sight. Corporate Detroit and Michigan Living also called for the first time around this period. Could be that the postcards I was sending out a couple months earlier were getting a few bites.

Also this month, I had a series of small spots on ‘athlete’s foot’ for The Worldwide Church of God. (I love the book titles in the ‘library’ spot – ‘Toe Tales’ and ‘Fungus and You’ — I don’t remember, did I come up with those, or were they handed to me by the client?)

(UPDATE 2018): I’m wondering, as I’m transferring this blog entry from the old blog to the new, if this article is the source of all the ‘toe fungus’ spam emails I receive? The stats on the old blog seem to indicated that this one entry got a lot of visits (probably from search bots).

Mosquito Date

Worldwide Church of God

This was another cartoon assignment from The Worldwide Church of God’s teen magazine ‘Youth 91′. I wish the scan had turned out better on this one, there was some very nice color in the original. The cartoon assignments from this client (and several for a local regional publication) were my experimental breeding ground for what would eventually become my ‘cartoon style’. The final refinements would occur around the new millenium, when I started getting a lot of book projects with hundreds of cartoons per batch. But it is interesting to see these early experiments. Crude in many ways, but there were some interesting things going on all the same that I would do well to try and remember and replicate.

The Start of Somewhat Steady Work

Worldwide Church of God

Up to this point, I had been doing a job here, a job there, mostly for local clients, but with an occasional nibble from a national publication. Around this time I started getting repeat business from a few clients which helped take the panic down a notch. This illustration was the first for The Worldwide Church of God’s ‘teen publication’ ‘Youth 90′, a client that would keep me fairly busy over the next 2 or 3 years. Some repeat business from several local clients plus a small spot for a Canadian publication called Western Sportsman made January a good start to the new year.