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A little teaser of the work I’m doing for an upcoming book on the Watergate scandal. I’m about halfway through the project at this point, and enjoying it quite a bit. More to come after the book has been published.


MacMillan, Penguin, River Styx



Been a busy several weeks. I haven’t had time to post any samples in a while. The illustration above was a quickie for River Styx about a young newlywed couple who do some ‘caving’ on their honeymoon. I actually preferred the energy of the sketch to the final illustration on this one. In the past few weeks I’ve been finishing up a few new book projects. One of them was another of the ‘Who Was’ series of books for Penguin, this one on the Bermuda Triangle (I’ve attached a sample illustration, one of about 80 of the illustrations for this particular title). I’ll be sharing all the illustrations for this book probably sometime next year after it is on the shelves. The other book I was working on was for a new client, MacMillan Children’s Publishing, and was a semi-humorous book on Orville & Wilbur Wright (if you recall, I also did a book on the Wright Brothers for Penguin a few years back). I’ve attached one of illustrations as a sample (and again, will share more of them after publication).



Follow the Bouncing Ball


This was another textbook cover for MacMillan’s college division, which I did a fair share of during the years ’90 and ’91. All were in pastels, and I had earlier thought I had lost most of these originals, but some┬áhave recently been found. This was a textbook on physical education.

Textbook Cover




Another recently unearthed textbook cover that I did for MacMillan around 1990-91. I managed to find this one on eBay and purchased a copy for my library (from which the photo above is taken – writing this in 2018). An insane amount of detail in this picture, to try and pull off with pastels, one of the reasons I stopped working in this medium. Customers kept wanting more and more going on in the picture, when the medium seemed to work better with less and less complicated subject matter.

Textbook Cover


This was another textbook cover in pastels that I did for MacMillan’s textbook division. This edition still seems to be available on Amazon. This one wasn’t nearly as fun as some of the others, as it required a fairly realistic scene with a lot of details (which is hard to pull off in this pastel style), however, according to my invoices, it garnered a bit of reprint action for several months after I did it (mostly internal, probably for advertising purposes, or brochures).