Bringing Down a President




This was a book that I illustrated earlier this year, and I recently heard from the publisher, who shared this image of the cover design. This was a project that I was very excited to work on, as I was a ‘Watergate Junkie’ back in the seventies at the ripe young age of 12 years old, watching the hearings on TV in the afternoon, following the developments in the newspaper, and even checking the massive “Watergate Tapes” book out of the library when it was published (also a big fan of the book and movie version of “All the President’s Men”). So, when they approached me with this project, I couldn’t have been happier. Looking forward to seeing the finished product when it hits the bookshelves. (and once the book is published, I’ll be sharing the interior illustrations here, so stay tuned)

Epic Fails: Not-So-Great Presidents: Commanders in Chief




Another of the books I illustrated earlier this year (and can be found on Amazon here) is the 3rd book in the ‘Epic Fails’ series, “Not-So-Great Presidents”. I’ve shared a few samples in the past, but now that the book has hit the stores, I’m sharing every illustration from this project. I got to caricature quite a few presidential faces, including my old favorite Richard M. Nixon (who I also got plenty of practice drawing in another project this year, samples to come once it reaches publication).






Epic Fails : The Race to Space : Countdown to Liftoff


space1eThe second book in the ‘Epic Fails’ series from MacMillan Children’s Publishing was ‘The Race to Space: Countdown to Liftoff’, and, again, I was providing 30-40 black and white interior illustrations, and a few color spots for the cover design (two of the above color illustrations ended up on the cutting room floor). I did this one early this year, and like the previous title is available now on Amazon. (during the course of the year, I finished up another title in this series, and am currently working on the fourth).

space1c Space1b Space1a space1d


Epic Fails: Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History




In 2017 I was approached by MacMillan Children’s Publishing to illustrate a book which was to be a possible first in a series of young readers historical books. The series being called “Epic Fails” and the first book was “The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving Into History”. These were somewhat similar to the Who Was books that I was doing for Penguin, but with definitely more of a tongue-in-cheek humor in the outlook and writing. Eventually, this series would get the green light, and I have been involved with 4 of the titles so far (more to come on these as they go into production).

I had worked for MacMillan more than twenty five years previously, mostly illustrating textbook covers for their educational division. Nice to be working with them once again.

Anyways, here’s the illustrations for that first book on the Wright Brothers and the history of flight (not to be confused with a book I did for Penguin called “Who Were The Wright Brothers”).


Various projects in the works

MacMillan, Penguin, Skyhorse Publishing

dicknixonwebBeen a while since I’ve updated, but it isn’t because I’m slow. I’ve been working on several book projects, many of them overlapping and in various stages of completion. I finished up the Watergate book earlier this month, but the Nixon illustration above isn’t from that project, but instead is from another book I just completed yesterday. This is from the third “Epic Fails” series of books entitled “Not So Great Presidents”, and I’ll likely be starting on sketches for the fourth book in the next couple weeks. I’ll share more samples from many of these books after they have reached publication. Meanwhile I’m still working on another “Who Was” book for Penguin, this one on ‘Hollywood’ (a sample illustration from that project, a portrait of Judy Garland, pictured below). I should be finishing this project up in the next few weeks.



And coming up in the next few months, I’ll be working on a reprint of the “Peter Cottontail” stories, and a rough sketch for the cover is pictured below:


And one more upcoming project that I’m very excited about (but will have to wait for a while to share details here), I’ve started doing some preliminary rough concepts for. I’ll keep you posted as the details get ironed out. Looks like it is going to be a busy summer.