Animal Coloring Book


Getting old and forgetful. I was just looking back through my past year of blogging here, and I realized that I had promised back in September that I’d be sharing the illustrations from the ‘Animals Coloring Book’ that came out last year, and I completely forgot to follow through with it. Since this book is rather lengthy, at 50 pages, I think I’ll post them in installments. Here’s the first 8 pages, plus one of the colorized illustrations used for the cover.

Of course, the follow-up book to this one, ‘Beautiful Trees’ will be coming out next month, and I’ve just received my author copies in the mail this past week, so I’ll be likely following up this series of posts with a series devoted to that book (if I don’t completely forget about it that is…).

Book Covers


More book cover illustrations for Dover’s ‘Classics’ reprints. Above is ‘Captains Courageous’ and below is ‘Eight Cousins’. Still working on a new paper doll project, and had to put off starting on the annual ‘Oscar Poster’ until I get some free time (maybe in a few weeks).

Fiction Covers


Today I’m taking a break from the ongoing ‘what was’ book that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks, and doing a few cover illustrations¬†for Dover. I’ve been doing a series of simple black and white illustrations for their upcoming reprints of classic fiction titles, this being the fourth one so far. The above illustration is for a reprint of the book ‘An Old Fashioned Girl’, and I’ll have another to post this afternoon (eventually posted it a few days later – for ‘Daddy Long Legs’ – see below). In other news, my band has started recording their new cd (our fourth), and I’ll be embroiled in mixing and creating the packaging for this project over the next several months. I’ve also started work on this year’s oscar poster, but it may end up being late this year, considering everything else that is on my plate.