Book Covers


More book cover illustrations for Dover’s ‘Classics’ reprints. Above is ‘Captains Courageous’ and below is ‘Eight Cousins’. Still working on a new paper doll project, and had to put off starting on the annual ‘Oscar Poster’ until I get some free time (maybe in a few weeks).

Fiction Covers


Today I’m taking a break from the ongoing ‘what was’ book that I’ve been working on for the past several weeks, and doing a few cover illustrations¬†for Dover. I’ve been doing a series of simple black and white illustrations for their upcoming reprints of classic fiction titles, this being the fourth one so far. The above illustration is for a reprint of the book ‘An Old Fashioned Girl’, and I’ll have another to post this afternoon (eventually posted it a few days later – for ‘Daddy Long Legs’ – see below). In other news, my band has started recording their new cd (our fourth), and I’ll be embroiled in mixing and creating the packaging for this project over the next several months. I’ve also started work on this year’s oscar poster, but it may end up being late this year, considering everything else that is on my plate.

Paper Dolls


Been working on a Paper Doll project for Dover this past month, and starting on samples for another one that I’m scheduling for March. Here’s just a sample, and, since I’m frankly sick of looking at these people’s faces, I’ll just let the outfits speak for themselves. I’m also starting on sketches for another ‘Who Was’ book, and I’ll be doing several finishes for another ‘Witches Companion’ book over the next few weeks that I’ll be sharing here.

December Update


Been spending most of December working on a book project of 30 illustrations (I’ll have samples to share on this project next week, I’m currently about 2/3 done with it), plus several assorted smaller odds n ends projects. The two illustrations shown here are a few book cover designs I’ve been doing for Dover’s reprints of classic fiction (‘Amistad’, above and ‘Red Badge of Courage’ below, in a slightly different style). These will all be printed with two color covers, and I’m hoping to experiment with various styles for these, and I’ll try to post some examples of how they were used, once they show up on Amazon. Meanwhile, a couple other books in the works for the coming year, and mostly things are starting to wind down a little for the holidays.

Living in The Donald’s World

ChronicleHE, Dover, Hudson Valley

It’s Donald’s World now, and we’re all just living in it. Can’t even look at Facebook anymore without his face leering out at me constantly. Only four more years to go. Anyhow, here’s the first assignment (with more to come), a presidential coloring book for Dover that has existing artwork and I was asked to ‘match’ as best as possible the style of the other pages.

Below are a few assignments from last week, an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education and another for Hudson Valley Magazine.