Little Women


webusagelittlewomenContinuing to work on sketches for another Penguin ‘What Was’ book, and gearing up to get started on several books for MacMillan in the coming weeks¬†(and complicated by several trips to the hospital over the past two weeks dealing with my wife’s health issues).¬†This morning I found time to finish some artwork for an upcoming reprint of ‘Little Women’ for Dover (pictured above). I may have a few more samples of quick turnaround work to share tomorrow afternoon.


Cars Coloring Book


The ‘author copies’ for this coloring book from Dover just arrived on the doorstep this morning. I’ll get around to sharing the art for this book sometime this summer. Big thanks to my Uncle Ken for the inspiration, and for helpful suggestions as to what cars I should include (and backdrops, like the Flint Planetarium). Available on Amazon.

April Showers


moonfleetwebartStarting work on the new Penguin “Who Was” project this week, and also finishing up a few cover assignments for Dover’s ‘Evergreen Classics’ library. Above is the cover art for “Moonfleet”, and below is the art for “Huckleberry Finn”. If I find the time this week, I’ll share some art from a previous “Who Was” project from a few years ago, so stay tuned.



Out like a Lamb


nvwebsiteBeen a quiet second half of March. A smattering of assignments here and there, but not busy by any means. A lot of music gigs, which keeps my mental health on an even keel. Above is one of the Dover Evergreen covers that I’m currently working on, “National Velvet”, and I’ll be doing three others over the next few days. (update: Below is the cover for the Rudyard Kipling book “Kim”)


Presidents Continued: And This Guy

Dover, Skyhorse Publishing, Uncle Goose Toys



And finishing up my posts for ‘Presidents Day’, we come to the current resident of the White House. Only a year or so into the ordeal and I’ve already got a lot of time under my belt drawing this face. Only time will tell if we’ll have much more to show in three more years. These come from various sources, a couple paper doll books for Dover, a coloring book project (of which I’ve only shown a few samples from here, they can be found elsewhere on this blog), a few assignments pre-dating the election by several years, a few self promotional pieces, and one already for one of the Penguin book projects (the debate illustration with Hillary).