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So, if you’ve some young readers on your Christmas list this year, or if you just want to add some colorful yet inexpensive editions of classic literature to your personal library. Dover books has a whole line of children’s classic literature featuring cover illustrations by yours truly. Just enterĀ “Evergreen Classics Dover” into the Amazon search engine and look for the above titles.

Post Weekend Roundup

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DazzlerCoverwbFinishing up a busy week & weekend, with the ‘Vietnam book’ getting completed on Friday, and two Dover covers for their ‘Evergreen Classics’ series on Saturday, Sunday and Today. Also had a double music gig on Saturday night up in Rockford for the Harvest festival, and have been working on a third round of sketches for the ‘holiday greeting card’ project, as well as fixing some ill advised color choices for a project that I completed last week for Today Media. Expecting to hear some news on a big upcoming project any day now, and have cleared most of the workload in anticipation.








Hectic Week Roundup

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LittlePrincessWashwebBetween finishing up another MacMillan ‘Epic Fails’ project, and the Wheatland Music Festival over the weekend, and several smaller projects pictured here on this post, it has been a busy week (and catching a cold partway through it didn’t help matters any). Above was the finished illustration for Dover’s Evergreen Classics line of reprints, this one for ‘A Little Princess’ (I had shown a sketch version of this one last week, and they asked that the monkey be moved over to the window for the final version). Below is the finished version of the Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine illustration. This one is drastically different than the original sketch. The editors felt that a ‘hanged man’ would be too disturbing for their readers, so I picked a scene from earlier in the story. I’ve been doing illustrations for AHMM now for almost thirty years, you can see an entire checklist and links to all the illustrations here.

Below that, it is once again that time of year for the Llewellyn Witches Companion cover. I’ve been doing these now for over a decade, and it is interesting to see what concepts the editors come up with each year to keep it unique and different, and yet, basically the same.




Sketch Day – Eye of the Storm

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Been a while since I’ve shared any rough sketches. This week is sort of a ‘eye of the storm’ with several book projects at the halfway point between sketch and editor approval stages, and I’ve only got a few quick turnaround projects to occupy my time. The above is a rough sketch for a Hudson Valley illustration, and below is a rough sketch for another Dover Evergreen Classics book cover (‘A Little Princess’). I’ll be finishing these up later this week, and I’ll post the finishes at that time.


In the meantime, I’ve also been digging through the archives and discovering a treasure trove of cartoon spot illustrations that I did for Instructional Fair back around 1999-2004 that I have not previously shared on this blog. I’m thinking of doing some colorizing and repurposing of those illustrations for the stock art market. I’ll be sharing some of these collections on upcoming ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts, so stay tuned.


Scream Queens



Back in 2015, I illustrated a ‘paper doll’ book called ‘Scream Queens’ for Dover. I shared a few samples back then, but until now, I haven’t shared the entire collection of dolls from this book. These were all iconic horror movie actresses (personally, I preferred the more obscure ‘classic era’ actresses, but the editors insisted on a larger percentage of more recent recognizable faces — but I stuck to my guns on Barbara Steele despite their objections), and include their costume from their most recognizable film role, plus a small object or two that relate to the same role. Elsa Lanchester, of course, from ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ I have shared before, and below we have Barbara Steele (from “The Pit and the Pendulum” and many other classic B horror films of the sixties), Chloe Grace Moretz (from “Let Me In”, the U.S. remake of “Let The Right One In”), Emma Roberts (from the television show “American Horror Story”), and Evelyn Ankers (from “The Wolfman”).



Above we have Fay Wray (from “King Kong”), Heather Langenkamp (from “Nightmare on Elm Street”), Jamie Lee Curtis (from “Halloween” and many other eighties horror films) and her mother Janet Leigh (from “Psycho”). Below are Jennifer Tilly (from “The Bride of Chucky”), Judith O’Dea (from “Night of the Living Dead”), Neve Campbell (from “The Craft” and many of the “Scream” films) and Vonette McGee (from “Blackula”).


scream5And then wrapping up with Sarah Michelle Geller (from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Sissy Spacek (from “Carrie”) and finally, below with Tippi Hedron (from “The Birds”).


A fun little anecdote, the tee shirt that Chloe Grace Moretz wears in the film “Let Me In” is actually supposed to be a ‘KISS’ tee shirt, but the editors were worried about the copyright issues, so they had me change it, so I used this excuse to sneak a logo of my own band the “Jukejoint Handmedowns” onto her shirt.