Oscar Poster 1974

Oscar Poster, personal



I’m still in a holding pattern on the two upcoming book projects, so to keep busy, I’ve been going nuts on these Oscar Throwback posters this week. Besides getting this year’s poster done, I’ve also done posters for 1973, 1975, and then this afternoon, finished up one for 1974. Hopefully, I’ll be starting on some ‘real work’ next week.

Oscar Poster 1975

Oscar Poster, personal



On a roll this year, and got another Oscar Poster done. These are mostly for the benefit of my brother, Tom, who shares an obsession with me about this yearly broadcast, and for both of us, the seventies being a particularly favorite decade for movies. Earlier posts explain the story behind these caricature posters, and just in the past week or so, you can find a poster for the current year (2019), and one for 1973 and this one, 1975. You will also find a link to the entire collection of these posters, going back some 14 years.

Throwback Thursday (a little late)

Oscar Poster, personal

Oscars1973webAnd the finished version for the ‘backdated’ Oscar poster for 1973. Been snowed in this week, waiting on the start of a big project, and got it in my head to do an extra poster, as long as I was ‘in the zone’. Was fun to go back and do another one of these things after having taken a few years off.


Snowed In

ChronicleHE, Oscar Poster, personal



The “polar vortex” has us in its grip this week, and I’m still awaiting a go-ahead on a large project that I expect to hear from Any Day Now. In the meantime, there’s a lot of cancellations around here and in-between shoveling the driveway, I got to thinking about that very first Oscar broadcast that me and my brother watched back in 1973. I was 11 years old, and I was a huge fan of the ‘Poseidon Adventure’, and was rooting for Shelley Winters and the Best Song category. In later years, of course, I became huge fans of several of the movies nominated this year, including The Godfather, Cabaret and Deliverance. I thought I’d put some of my spare time to use and work up another caricature poster for that seminal year (for me) of 1972/73. I may finish this up tomorrow, should my schedule permit. In the meantime, below is a quick turnaround illustration I did for the Chronicle of Higher Education on Tuesday.


Oscars Poster 2019

Oscar Poster



Worked on the finish for the Oscar poster over the weekend. As I said in the previous post, this was something I was doing every year from around 2004-2016, and then fell off the wagon in the last few years. A present for my brother who has been hosting a long running Oscar Viewing Party for more years than I can remember. As children, I remember us sitting and watching the Oscars together every year, starting around 1972, and even when we grew up and moved out of the house, we would call long distance to compare notes after the broadcast. For some reason, felt the urge to pick up the stylus and whip another one out this year (and if time allows, I may catch up on the two years I missed, just to keep my streak intact).