Oscar Poster 2016

Oscar Poster

Well, it is that time of year again. Every year, my brother, who owns a restaurant on the north side of Chicago, hosts a ‘Oscar Viewing Party’ (and before he owned the restaurant, it was held for many years in his home). Starting in 2004, I began doing an annual ‘Oscar Nominations Caricature Poster’ as a gift to him, and have kept up with it now every year for the past 12 years. I was seriously doubting whether I was going to have time to finish one this year, due to deadline crunches, but I was just too geeked about the concept, and somehow managed to create time to work on it after hours. Anyhow, here it is: #12 and ‘double sized’ from the format of years past, and includes every Actor, Actress and Supporting nominations and represents in one way or another each of the Best Picture nominees and a tiny nod to each Best Animated Feature film. (Click on the image above to see a larger detailed version)

Oscar Poster 2015

AHMM, Oscar Poster, WSJ

Well, it’s that time of year again. Each year, my brother throws an ‘Oscar Party’ at his restaurant in Chicago, and for the past 11 years I’ve done a commemorative caricature poster to give to him. Two weeks until deadline, and I had some free time today, so I took the opportunity to finish this one up. Usually I have some favorites that I make more prominent than others, but this year I just don’t have a horse in this race, so I arranged them fairly conservatively with relation to each other (‘best actor nominees’ on the top row, ‘best actress nominees’ on the next row, and the supporting actors and actresses crammed into the bottom third along with a few ‘best picture’ and ‘best animated feature’ nominees that didn’t have any actors singled out). I think the most challenging one this year was Julianne Moore, with Edward Norton a close second. I’ve done Meryl Streep so often over the past decade, that I don’t even need to work from a reference photo anymore (other than for a costume or makeup). You can see the previous ten posters in this series in this gallery.

Meanwhile I also had a few illustrations I finished up for the WSJ and for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine last weekend, and they can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail links below.

Oscar Poster 2014

Oscar Poster

Well, it’s getting around that time again. Every year, my brother throws a ‘Oscar Party’ at his restaurant in Chicago, and every year for the past ten years I’ve commemorated the event with a ‘caricature poster’ that I have printed up and framed to give as a present to him. I was a little worried this year, that I wouldn’t have time to get it done, considering the heavy workload I find myself with, but I managed to find a little window of opportunity this past weekend, and doubled down my efforts to get it completed (and much earlier than I have in years past, surprisingly enough). I had said last year, that this might be the last year I do this, seeing as how I’d been doing it without letup for ten years now, but I think I’ll wait and see how I feel about it next spring. There may still be a little life in this pointless endeavor yet. (Click on the image above to see a larger version)

A lot of repeat faces from years’ past (Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep seem to be ones I’ve done the most in the last ten years, and I’m getting to where I can almost do them without reference)*, with several new ones in the mix to keep me on my toes (Bruce Dern and Sally Hawkins I found particularly challenging).

*(I’ve done a tally, and George Clooney is the one face I’ve drawn the most times this past ten years with 6 appearances, and tied with 5 appearances is Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and I’ve drawn Philip Seymour Hoffman and Leonardo DiCaprio 4 times each. Appearing 3 times in the past ten years have been Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslett, Laura Linney, Joaquin Phoenix, Michelle Williams, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz & Brad Pitt. 26 other actors have appeared twice, and 110 others have only appeared once — giving us a grand total of 160 caricatures for the past ten years) — oh and one more bit of trivia — in three separate occasions, three actors have appeared twice on the same poster (Cate Blanchett in 2008, George Clooney in 2006 and Jamie Foxx in 2005). Anyhow, for the curious, the link below points to the posters I’ve done in the past.

Link to all the posters in this series.

Oscar Poster 2013

Oscar Poster

Another Oscar Poster in the can, and like the last few years, I’ve gotten it done closer and closer to the finish line. I managed to find a few spare hours this afternoon to finish it up, just in time to get it printed tomorrow and given to my brother for his party on Sunday (he’ll be in town anyway, helping us move my Dad into his new apartment tomorrow). The layout on this one felt a little cramped (especially in the upper left corner, where I ended up putting most of the nominees I’m less familiar with), and I was thinking of giving this one the title of “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat”. (click on the image above to see a larger version).

Link to all the posters in the series.