Additional Projects

AHMM, Hudson Valley

Aside from the ongoing coloring book project, I also had a few smaller assignments over the past few weeks. Above is an assignment for ‘Hudson Valley’ Magazine, and below is another fiction illustration for ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine’. Alfred Hitchcock is one of my longest running clients, who I did my first assignment for back in 1989.

Each time I post another assignment for AHMM, I post this plea for ‘back issues’. I am missing many of the earlier issues that my work appeared in, so if you happen to have old copies of this magazine from 1989-1999 I’d be interested in hearing from you.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine




Did another fiction illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine this week. Been working for this magazine since 1989, and never tire of the variety and the challenges of the assignments. Also, as this is one of the few remaining ‘pulp digests’ out there still in print, I enjoy the idea that I am linked in some way to those forgotten illustrators of yesteryear who I so admire.

Each time I post a new illustration, I renew my plea for old back issues. I am missing copies of issues where my work has appeared from the years 1989-2000. If you happen to have a pile of old musty Hitchcocks in your attic, get in touch with me, I’d love to take some of them off your hands.

28 Years with Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine


This morning I finished up a fiction assignment for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. This was for a story about a robbery at a Catskills resort and involves a lot of old time jewish comedians. This magazine is currently my longest continuous client relationship, with my first assignment for them being in my first year of business, back in 1989. You can see other samples of my work with this magazine here at this link. I love working for them, as they are one of the last surviving ‘pulp fiction’ digests, and, for me, it feels like a romantic link to the past, to a long list of forgotten illustrators going back to earliest days of the pulps.

I’ve been diligently saving every issue that my work has appeared in, and I’ve got a nice stack of old AHMM magazines on my bookshelf, but I’ve misplaced some of the earliest years, and would love to get my hands on some old copies of this magazine from 1989-2003. So, if you should happen to read this, and have a box of old back issues in the attic, drop me a line, and perhaps we can work out a deal.

Book Pirates

AHMM, ChronicleHE

Things are starting to pick up now that the summer is winding down. Besides the ongoing ‘coloring book’ project that I’m currently working on (samples to come upon publication), and several book projects either awaiting sketch approval or promised and expecting to start any day now, I’ve also been getting a few short turnaround projects. For the past few days at least, it has started to feel like normalcy. Above, is an illustration I finished up this morning for the Chronicle on ‘Book Piracy’, and below, another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

Out like a line

ABA, AHMM, Delaware Today

Continuing to be super busy since mid-January with no end in sight. Mostly on Book Publishing projects that I can’t show on this blog just yet due to contractual reasons (currently embroiled in a series of three paper doll books, with a couple more projects waiting in the wings mid-April). I’ve a few smaller projects to show for March (along with another one of those ‘comic strip ads’ that I’m not going to bother to display, see previous months to get the gist of it), the one above is for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, below is a piece for the American Association I did a few weeks ago, and below that is an illustration for Delaware Today that I just finished up this morning. I also have some interesting developments this past month with regards to my annual ‘Krampus Holiday Card’ images that I’ve been doing for the past several years, but I will wait to give further details in a future post.

And speaking of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine; I’ve been doing illustrations for this publication since 1989, and I am looking for back issues from the years 1989-1998 in which my artwork has appeared. If you happen to have copies in your attic gathering dust, drop me an email, and I’d be happy to make an offer on them.