Catching Up

Llewellyn, The Strand Magazine

A few moments to spare this afternoon, so I’ll post a few more samples from the past month. Above and below (in fact, all the black and white scratchboard pieces in this post) are from the annual ‘Witches Companion’ project that I’ve been doing for Llewellyn Publications for the past 8 or so years. (the color cover illustration I usually do in the fall of the year, and the interior illustrations are shared among several illustrators and tend to be due in January or February). This year I had a rather large batch of them (17 of them), but only a few of them were full page size.

This past weekend I had a few fiction pieces for The Strand Magazine (pictured below).

Just like the good old days

ChronicleHE, KIWI, Llewellyn


This past week felt reminiscent of the ‘good old days’ of the past decade, with a different assignment every day, and a mixture of styles, rough sketches and finishes and a variety of subject matters. Finishing up the week early, as I’ve got the Wheatland Music Festival this weekend. Above is a full page illustration for a new client, KIWI Magazine, and below we have an assignment for one of my oldest clients, the Chronicle of Higher Education (first job for them was in ’92), and below that, another Witches Companion cover for Llewellyn (this will be the 9th cover for this series of books).



Busy Week

Barrons, Llewellyn, US Catholic

Nice to have a busy, hectic week for a change, filled with a variety of projects (halfway through the week, with more to do by the weekend). Had a couple new interesting projects come my way over the weekend (more on those in the future). Working on my annual ‘witches’ project for Llewellyn, plus a piece for Barrons and an unusual portrait assignment for US Catholic. Meanwhile, started¬†on recordings for the Jukejoint Handmedowns upcoming CD release, and have joined the Kent Philharmonia on bass, who are going to be playing Beethoven’s Ninth¬†Symphony for their spring concert this year (which means LOTS of practicing, as it is the most difficult piece of music I’ve ever laid eyes on).
You can click on the small thumbnails to see a larger version of each illustration.

Fading Summer

Llewellyn, WSJ

Summer is fading fast, and with it comes one of my favorite late summer assignments that I’ve been doing for the past 8 years. This is a cover image for a book of Wiccan ‘digest’ put out by Llewellyn. I’ll likely be doing some interior black and white illustrations later in the year for the same book. Below is an assignment I had for the Wall Street Journal this past weekend.