Book Cover


Another book cover for Llewellyn, this one by the same author as one I did a few years back (and, according to my twitter feed, apparently he liked so much that he requested the publisher use me again, which is very flattering).

Feeling Sketchy

Green Prints, Llewellyn

First week of 2022, and I’m currently working on the next batch of Witches Companion interiors (I’ve been starting each year off with this project now for going on 14 years). Above are the sketches for this year’s assortment. I should begin working on these over the rest of the month. Below is a rough sketch for the next GreenPrints illustration. This publication got purchased by a parent company over the holiday break, so we’ll see how the transition goes. I’ve also gotten some startling news this morning with a positive Covid test that I had taken early last week in response to my wife having a sore throat. I’m feeling no symptoms and I rarely ever leave the house, and we have a possible trip scheduled for my 60th birthday this month, so I am hoping this doesn’t throw a monkey wrench into our plans.

Bon Voyage!


One of my long time Art Directors is leaving their job, and I want to wish them all the best in the coming years. This was the last ‘Witches Companion’ cover project that we worked on together, just completed this afternoon. This is the 16th cover I’ve done for this annual digest, and they have always been one of the projects that I most look forward to every year. While keeping a rather familiar format from year to year, there are always new challenges and I keep trying to do each one a little better than the last one. You can check out the other covers in this series in the portfolio section under Llewellyn.

Small Spots Oasis

Delaware Today, Llewellyn

As I was saying yesterday, I had a brief interlude this week (from the ongoing multiple concurrent book projects), working on some small scratchboard spot illustrations for Delaware Today. These were a trio of images to accompany an article on various legal issues of the day (in particular, ‘hacking’, ‘work at home issues’ and ‘vaccine mandates’). It had been a while since I’d worked in this style, so it was a nice change of pace and a break from what feels like 2 solid months of ‘the same old thing’ every day.

I also managed to squeeze in a rough sketch for the upcoming Witches Companion cover yesterday (pictured below), and was contacted about a few more ‘quick turnaround’ projects for next week, so hold on to your hats, the coming week is looking like it will be a bumpy ride.

Witch One?


Here’s how the finished version of the cover illustration turned out for an upcoming title for Llewellyn. Was trying for a little looser style as the AD requested something looking more like a woodcut/screenprint.

Then, after getting away from it for a bit, I took another look and realized that I wasn’t completely happy with how it turned out, and took another whack at it. This one is a bit less detailed and going for more of a ‘woodcut’ look.

And again, the next morning I took a look and wasn’t quite happy with how busy it looked, so tried to clean it up a little more and resubmitted it. Seem to be struggling with this one, and I’m not sure why.