Winding Up the Witches


Finishing up the ‘Witches Companion’ interior illustrations this morning. I’m awaiting a couple book projects that I expected to get details on last month, so it looks as if I’ll have a little time for some personal projects this week.

Season of the Witch


It’s that time of the year again, and I’ve been working on some ‘Witches Companion’ interior illustrations (I usually do the color cover sometime around September, and the interiors in January or February). Been working on this annual book series since the 2008 edition, and I always enjoy the experience, usually ending up with at least one or two of my favorite pieces of the year out of it. This year I’ve got six of them, and I’ll be sharing the rest of them over the next week or so, as I get them done. Here’s the first two.

Oscar season has kind of snuck up on me (they moved the awards date up to early February), so I’m scrambling to get this year’s Oscar Caricature Poster done. Hopefully I’ll have something to share in the next day or so.

In the Thick of Things

AHMM, Llewellyn

Work has resumed again on the Dan Rather Graphic Novel, after the first two chapters I did in June were approved. In the meantime, I am squeezing in other work in the margins of my day. The above illustration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine I did yesterday afternoon, and the annual Witches Companion cover that I have been doing for Llewellyn for the past twelve years is pictured below. This project was spread out over several days during the past week.

In the two or three weeks prior to the ‘green light’ on the graphic novel project, I finished up a book on Hiroshima for Penguin Young Readers (another in their ‘Who Was’ series, my 19th book for them), and I did a series of black and white interiors for another Llewellyn book that I had done some cover art for earlier this year (I may share these at a later date). Meanwhile, back to the drawing board!

Healthy Change of Pace

Hudson Valley, Llewellyn, Today Media

Today I caught up on a few additional assignments that have come in around the margins of the ‘big project’ this past month. It felt good to be doing something different than what I’ve been doing non-stop for the past three weeks. The above assignment was a two page spread for Hudson Valley, and below is a book cover for Llewellyn. I may take the weekend off, but then will diving into another book project at the beginning of the week.