More Witches


A few more Witches Companion interior illustrations today. I’ve been a contributor to this annual journal since 2008, and a client of the publisher since 1997. So very grateful that they see fit to hire me every year. Really enjoying how this year’s batch is turning out.

Valentines Weekend

Llewellyn, NEAToday

Heading in to the weekend. Finished up a cover illustration for a new client (see bottom of this post), and I’ve started on a few of the Llewellyn Witches Companion Interiors (getting them done early to make room for other assignments that are waiting in the wings). I’ll likely be working on these over the weekend, so more to come on Monday.

Witch Sketches


Every so often I like to share what my rough sketches look like. I like the loose nature of them, which I sometimes have a hard time recapturing when I hunker down to render them in scratchboard. These are due sometime around the end of the month, so I’ll likely be sharing them after they go to the client.

From the Archives


This past weekend, I’ve been sharing all the Llewellyn ‘Witches Companion’ covers from the past fourteen years. Try as I might, as I looked through the blog, I couldn’t quite make the numbers tally up between the covers I’ve shared and the number of covers I knew I had done. Turns out I had previously neglected to share one back in 2017. So, without further ado, here’s the ‘missing link’ in the collection.