Happy Holidays and Other Economic Indicators

Barrons, Miami Herald, WSJ

After a slow couple of months, it was nice to have a fairly busy Christmas rush. It is also a little encouraging to see the illustrations taking a guardedly optimistic tone with regards to the economy. Hopefully this bodes well for the coming new year. The illustration above (and the ‘arrow’ spots below) were a quick turnaround project for the Wall Street Journal this week.

I also had a quick turnaround assignment for Barrons this week (which ended up getting held until the following week, after all), pictured below, and below that was an illustration for the Miami Herald.

A fairly busy week, and in addition to the projects crossing my desk, I still found time to perform some music on Monday and Tuesday, and I’ve been finishing up a series of oil paintings which I’ll be posting next week. It’s been about 5 years since the last time I got out the paints. Happy Holidays everyone and best wishes for the coming new year.

Also Runs

Miami Herald, WSJ

The piece above is a spot illustration that I did for the Wall Street Journal this afternoon. Below are a few sketches that didn’t get chosen for the same article (I actually kind of liked both of these, and may finish them up just for fun). This article was about ‘lies on resumes’.

Also, yesterday I had a rather large front page section illustration for the Miami Herald on the job market and tips for graduating college students.

End of Year Wrap Up

Harcourt Brace, Miami Herald, WSJ

Wanted to post my respects to a few giants in the illustration world who passed away in 2009. I have been an admirer of David Levine’s wonderful caricatures in the New York Review of Books for as long as I can remember. There’s a wonderful online gallery of his work posted at the NYRB site. Also this year, another immensely influential illustration icon from the sixties and seventies, Bernie Fuchs died in September. There is a nice gallery of his work at the Telluride Gallery.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy over the holiday break. I’m currently working on several illustrations for a book project. This was for an ongoing series of young adult books in which I’ve been asked to step in as a sort of ‘pinch hitter’ as my style is somewhat similar to the artist they were using previously. The illustration above is a color version of one of the 2 inside illustrations pictured below. I’m still working on two more of the interior pieces and will post them next week.

Another book project I kind of stumbled into this past month, was one for a previous client, who is helping out a celebrity friend in gathering several illustrators/caricature artists to portray the people mentioned in her anecdotes. I ended up doing a caricature of Steven Wright for the book (in black and white, and another version in color in case it needed to be included on the back cover). I also did a couple sketches of Joan Rivers, but they weren’t exactly what they were looking for. I’ve posted the Joan Rivers sketches, but will save the Steven Wright example for after the book gets published (along with more information on the book – where to buy, etc)

I also had an assignment for the Miami Herald last week, about young people entering the work force and having trouble finding affordable health care coverage. And below that, another health care spot for the Wall Street Journal.

It’s been an interesting 20 years, and looking forward to what the next decade brings.

And More Presidents

Miami Herald, Uncle Goose Toys

Continuing to work my way through the presidents for an upcoming ‘wooden blocks’ project. So far, the hardest ones have been the ‘C’ presidents, Carter, Clinton, and now Coolidge (took me three attempts to get Coolidge right). Also, getting to the point in the list where I’ve got several ‘bearded’ presidents in a row. Why don’t we get presidents with facial hair anymore? I think Obama needs to grow a goatee.

Earlier this week, I had another project for the Miami Herald, this one on the effect that the health care reforms may have on Florida’s economy.

Spring into Summer

Barrons, ChronicleHE, Miami Herald, WSJ

The illustration above was one I did for Barrons over the past couple of weeks. This one had to do with Jewish ‘lost swiss bank accounts’, and was one of those that I was pleasantly surprised with in the finish product, not being all too pleased with the rough concept in the early stages of the job. Below is an illustration for the Wall Street Journal, another of those ‘health care’ spots, this one on snake bite remedies.

Above is an assignment for the Miami Herald from last week. Below is an illustration for the Chronicle of Higher Education from around the same time. More ‘shaky economy’ concepts, which I have been doing a lot of over the past year, but there seems to be a few glimmers of hope, as the two illustrations below that seem to portend (another one for Barrons and the Journal, respectively). Been a long time since I’ve drawn a ‘bull’ in anything other than a submissive pose.